To write a recount by: Grace

In the morning, on Thursday, we had an Ancient Greek day. A man called Dan explained everything and we had the most fun i’ve ever had at school.

Before break as we entered the hall we thought , it was really a man but we didn’t know that, so one we were all sat down he lurched forwards and we all screamed! He explained a lot of stuff about animals and Time Travel with a lot of grandad’s and repetition.What would happen is you would have a grandad a dad and a son. The son built a time machine and traveled back in time and landed on his granded which meant his dad was never born so you were never born But if you didn’t build the time machine then you didn’t squash your grandad so your dad was born and you were born and you would build the time machine… It keeps on repeating.  Then we went for break.

When we came back, we re-enacted Legends and Myths which had princesses and wars. My favourite one was with a golden apple and a war with Troy. At last, it was lunchtime. After lunch we made a battle of ships. The aim of the game was to complete a maths puzzle by fitting shapes into a square and my table won but unfortunately or CLASS lost!

Next we went outside and did the Olympics (throwing hoops over chairs) and or class did win at that (It was the best Olympics ever!)

Finally, it was hometime and Dan packed up.


Hannah-Lee’s character description

Almost unbelievably, the tall, vast Dalek is covered in little bumps. Constantly, it’s long, creepy eye glares at you. They are multi- coloured but are very menacing so don’t be fooled, weirdly their horrible loathsome eye resembles a telescope and their long arm fires terrifying lasers.                                                                                                                 Frequently, he glides, floats and sneaks about searching in vain for The Doctor who ( to their dismay ) always gets away. Obviously angrily, they search for The Doctor to get rid of him so they can destroy the universe. Scarily, they are so intent on getting rid of him that their goal in life is to destroy him! Perfectly confidently, they will stop at nothing to hunt him down and kill him because they are brutal, merciless and seek destruction. Unfortunately, there’s nothing they want more than to destroy the universe and The Doctor.                                                                                          Daleks are emotionless and selfish. They can’t feel anything, which makes them ruthless and mean. Their mechanical hearts don’t exist ( and if they did they would be made of stone ). The malevolent, hideous Dalek is so horrid. It’s catchphrase is EXTERMINATE! In the blink of an eye I would be gone if I ever came face to face with them.

Phyllis – Year 5 – The Highwayman

May 19 1812


  Tap-tap-tap! I heard that noise. Late last night, I opened my shutters. I saw the Highwayman whilst platting a dark red love knot in my hair.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  I was nervous – very nervous I eyed the kings men marching towards my home; I thought they were after the Highwayman!

  They gagged and kissed me, then put a musket beside me “Now keep good watch!” they ordered. I was right. They were here for the Highwayman. I caught the trigger, my hands were shaking, then killed myself for my love’s safet  

Aimee’s character discription


Bess is a sweet ,lovely,caring, lady who will accept you whoever you are. She’s like a shining star. She’s also curagios and hardly ever gets mad. Herv personalitiy is so sweet

Her hair is as black as the blackest night she has lovely red deep crimson lips and twinkling black jems for eyes and her skin is as soft as the softest snow her skin is as wight as the wightest snow her hands are like a babys hands

Bess is truely a young exquiset lady shes a star  but I don’t agree with her and the highway man together

The Highway man-diary entry Besses ghost

Friday March 10 1926


Dear diary,

It was just yesterday. I shot myself for the love of my life. At least he’s safe.I can still imagine the guards tying me up  and holding a golden musket (gun) .


Tim,a guy who worked for my dad, threw my body in a dustbin and then started weeping. I had knew he had a crush on me  but I just didn’t like him, Even before The Highway man came. Tim always tried to get my attention by giving me flowers and chocolate. I hated it. Every day I scare him for what he did to me.


Hopefully, tonight The Highway man will come and we will live a happy life forever. I wish I was still alive to meet him. If I was still alive I would get revenge on Tim for everything he has done to me.