Do Something Different Day

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Today for Children in Need our school has a ‘Do Something Different’ day. For year 5s and 6s this is an especially important day as they would be ‘Trio Masters’ this meant they were responsible for looking after 2 other children: one from year 3 or 4 and one from year 1 or 2. All the children would go to activities together for the whole day and the Trio Masters would have to check no one got lost, none of their things were left behind and help them activities if they needed it.

This is what one year 5 class thought about DSD day!

Emily said:

Harry said:

Today I had a great day, it was a bit hectic after play times but exciting at the same time. It was really good being a trio master, and it made me change how I thought of trio masters I had had before. The activities were mostly the same as they had been before. First my group went to ict in mrs harts class and I got the high score in Pudsey pie throw, 8180! Then we had break and we bought our cakes then we went to music then watched a film, Fungus the bogeyman, but we only got to watch ten minutes of it :-(. Then we coloured in Pudsey but we were only allowed to use dots! Then we had lunch and afterward had art. We designed our own VIPs. Very Important Pudseys!!!!!! Now we are back up to date. I had a really good day and raised some money for Children In Need. It’s win win!!!!!!!!!! 😉

Alex said:

Today was a good day to raise money for Children In Need because everyone was giving money to help the unlucky children around the world. I personally had fun because I was a Trio Master. Me and my trio had really good fun because there were lots of activitys to do. It couldn’t be better than it was today. We raised lots of money but next year I think we could raise loads more money for Children In Need. Get spotted and get raising!

George said:

Today in c.i.n it was my first time being a treo master. People said it was really hard but it wasn’t and it was much more fun than not being one. Our first activity was art in 1LW. We had a sheet that told us where to go and who we were collecting. In art we were making our own pudsey’s. Next was our 1st break. When it was finished you went to your group after finding your the people you were looking after. Then we had I.C.T with LH. We were playing pudsey games. Then we watched a Dennis the menace. Then we went to music in the hall just before lunch when we drop them off to have our lunch.

Millie said:

Today I had to take around school a year 1 and a year 3 doing different stuff. First we did ICT on the iPads , and then we had cake.(I got 2). After cake we had music,we sang songs. After music we watched a film called fungus the boogieman. After that we did something called dotty Pudsey . We got a picture of Pudsey and we had to colour him in , but we were only allowed to use dots! After that I dropped them back to there class for lunch!

Anikesh said:

Today I was a trio leader and had to get two younger kids and do fun activities with them for do something different day.when I had to go and get the two younger kids I was worried because I didn’t no where to go to get them but luckily Harry had two kids in the same class as me so I followed him.The first activity was with my own teacher so I was glad because I knew where to go.After that we went to get some cup cakes and that’s when things I didn’t like happened. After I got my cupcake my elder trio member disappeared!I then found him on the large playground.At lunch I found my friends and we ate our lunch and then we went to the trimtrail which is a playground with equipment.I then recollected my trio members and we went to a different building for art.I then dropped my little friends at there classroom and then I came back to write a recount

Here is some of the artwork that children from year 1 to year 6 did when using the iPads with Mrs Humphries:


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