Guided reading Skype

In guided reading purple group have been doing Skype. We all think that Skype is a good way to learn because we would get to hear what other people think of different books.
We enjoy doing guided reading this way so we are not just hearing from people we already know. Sometimes we get in pairs and think of questions to ask about the book. When we have to go to do Skype we are always excited to because we love hearing what other people have to say about books. The book we are reading in Skype is called clockwork. We all thought in the beginning that the book wasn’t that exciting or mysterious because nothing much was going on with any of the characters. But then we started reading more of the book and it got very mysterious and exciting.we all enjoy the book clockwork and we can’t wait to see what happens next in the book.

As an example of a question we asked :
If you got to choose music for the book what type of music would it be like?
They answered and said that they would choose suspicious or scary type of music because in the book weird and terrifying things were happening.


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