Alex’s 100 Word Challenge

Then the noise stopped.I was paralysed,glued to the spot.Quickly I realised that something was behind me.I ran,looking back every five seconds. Suddenly it was there,the Grotesquery,it’s muscles and claws were massive.Instantly Kai came along and punched the Grotesquery clean in the face.Me and Kai ran for our lives.He was gaining on us.We came out into the open and the Grotesquery started to melt.Me Kai stopped.Harry came along in his Buegetti Veyron and wizzzed us away,leaving the Grotesquery behind.We were alright,but not for long…

6 thoughts on “Alex’s 100 Word Challenge

  1. Oh my goodness, how exciting was that! I love the way I was instantly drawn into the action, not knowing what was going to happen next. Good job you’ve got some great friends to help with a rather spectacular get-away! I did breathe a sigh of relief until that last sentence …….!

  2. There’s a real sense of tension and danger in your 100WC Alex, which starts right from the moment you wrote “I was paralysed.” That often happens with fear, so we know things are going to get scary from here. I love the name “Grotesquery;” it encourages the imagination to start picturing what this creature must be like. Well done.

  3. Alex I really think that on the end you wrote we were alright but not for long. It really hook me on and I want to know what you are going to write next.

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