Harry’s short story

Grey city, grey clouds, grey cars everything was dull and boring in the city
“Whoops” I cried as I bumped into a young boy who had been holding a little paper bag. I went to pick up the bag, and its contents, up. But that was when I noticed a small, toy dragon. Then, I picked it up and examined it closely. Right before my eyes, it flashed and turned from grey to full, glorious, colour.
Suddenly the wind blew and my umbrella tried to escape my grip. As I toppled with it, as quick as a flash, it morphed into a full, flight ready, ROCKET. As I hopped on I flung the tiny dragon back to the boy.
And away I went with stars trailing behind me I was whisked of towards an office building, that rocket had a mind of its own! I circled the offices twice before a giant Jack-in-the-box burst out of the roof!
“Woah!” I screamed, having the time of my life.
As I spread colour onto the once boring city with the knife of happiness, my awe filled peers gazed up at me, high in the sky, I felt myself welling up with pride.
Unexpectedly my, now under control, rocket morphed, again, into, this time, a dragon. Could this day get any better?!
As I flew through the countryside, outside of the city, I turned and looked back at the magical, amazing city that had once been dull and boring.
“I did that,” I whispered under my breath”Wow,”that was all I could say so I said it again”Wow,” and again”Wow.”
And that is how the world became colourful.


3 thoughts on “Harry’s short story

  1. Wow Harry! This is fantastic writing. I love the idea of spreading colour with ‘the knife of happiness’ and the real emotion you have got into your story. It makes me want to paint a picture.

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