Ryder literacy (Lucy’s diary)

Dear diary
A war has started back at my house but my mum has sent us away because of the war. When we got on the train I wanted the train to leave as soon as possible so I didn’t start crying! The train took ages to get to our destination because of all of the other children getting on and off of the train. When we got off of the train nobody was there waiting for me,my sister Susan,my older brother Peter and my other brother Edmund!
Suddenly a lady came on her carriage to pick us up, her name was Miss Macready and she looked strict and mean!
On the carriage Miss Macready didn’t say a word to us and we didn’t speak to her either. The carriage took a long time to get to our new home and everything was silent.
When I saw the house ,we all noticed that the house was a mansion!
Before we all went to bed I started a conversation with everyone ,I said that we should explore tomorrow and play hide and seek if it’s raining.
Later the next day … it was raining and we had to play hide and seek,I was hiding and I ran into a bare,colourless room that had nothing but a wardrobe in.


3 thoughts on “Ryder literacy (Lucy’s diary)

  1. I loved reading this! It really made me want to read more and I empathised with Lucy straight away. I liked ‘bare, colourless room’ as it made me think that was how Lucy felt. 🙂

  2. Ryder,
    I like how you said Mrs McReady looked strict and then said she didn’t speak to you on the journey because already I can tell she is probably strict. Did you purposely put yourself before your brothers and sister.

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