Release Your Imagination

This week we have been trying to write complex sentences about this video. Here are our favourites:

Although they were bored, they continued to march.

Whenever he flew on his rocket, he made everything colourful.

Although it was pouring with rain, commuters strolled to and fro.

The dragon, filled with excitement, lit up the world.

While the cars sped up the road, the commuters rushed to get home.

While the commuters squelched through the pouring rain, a dragon fell out of the sky!

Flying away happily, the cars started growing angel white wings.

While colour begins to flood into the city, on giant waves of happiness, the commuters look to the skies in utter awe.

The next day we wrote a short story based on the video clip. You can see Harry’s here.


Shannon recorded hers as a voice to show her story:


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