Theme Park Maths: Desgin a Logo

The children in 5SH Maths have been asked to open a Theme Park. Each week they’re going to do new tasks to get it ready for opening. This week was their first week so they needed a theme park name and logo. They were asked to challenge themselves as to what maths features they could include we suggested: symmetry, angles or percentage of colours.

Here are the logos they created and what they think they included.

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6 thoughts on “Theme Park Maths: Desgin a Logo

  1. Shrey – Well done for completing your design on plain paper, I like your reflection of words in the line of symmetry

  2. Guys, these designs are all fantastic 🙂
    Are your theme parks going to follow the maths of your designs? Ie if your sign has one line of symmetry will all of your rides have one line too…..or are they going to be constrained in some other way…… This is all soo interesting to see. Well done for your enthusiasm and application of maths. We very much look forward to seeing the next set of work and visiting in the near future.
    Mr cross.

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