James’ Character Study of Yoda

As an old old man Yoda is the most powerful Jedi master in history. Yoda is a small green man with small tufts of grey hair and he has rough,wrinkled skin. He has long pointed ears like an elf.
The green man normally walks slowly but he moves with great speed and agility during a battle.
Yoda has a deep and croaky voice and he talks in a backwards kind of way. It is sometimes hard to understand. When using the force Yoda can use it better than anyone as he is a Jedi master .He can wield a lightsaber while battling.
At first people may think Yoda would not be very strong but if you got to know him you would find out he is stronger than you.His looks will probably deceive many people because he is smaller than normal people. Yoda’s main enemy is general grievous because he is the leader of the dark side.

29 thoughts on “James’ Character Study of Yoda

  1. Hi James,

    This is an EPIC character study. You have written with such style that it reads like it is from an actual Star Wars book! I take it you are a Star Wars fan?

    I hope to come back on your blog and read some more character studies. May be you could write one about another character from Star Wars?


  2. James, this is a great piece of writing. The adjectives you used e.g., rough, wrinkled, small, tufts, long, pointed allowed me to draw a picture in my head, even though I have prior knowledge of Yoda it encouraged me to read on – well done πŸ™‚

  3. I loved reading this James, you have described Yoda just as I remember him from the film I watched years ago. I don’t know anything about General Grievous, maybe you could write about him next…

  4. A fabulous piece of writing James! Because your description is do detailed I can really picture Yoda in my head. Well done.

    Miss Fernie,

  5. James,

    Like the other previous comments, as I read your description of Yoda, I was immediately drawn in by your word choice. Your unique adjectives clearly describe Yoda and paint a great picture for any reader, even one who is already familiar with the character from Star Wars. I hope you continue to write about things that you enjoy and are passionate about because you are a great writer!

    Mrs. Krygeris
    6th grade teacher
    Illinois, USA

  6. Wow, this was very powerful James. I liked your use of repetition. In the second paragraph, you remind us again he is green, and in the final paragraph, remind us he is small. That was very clever, because we could forget those things when we are concentrating on his awesome power and strength!

  7. Wow- fantastic character study! I love Star Wars and Yoda (people have said I look a bit like him). I could definitely not have written a better description.
    Sam Aiston (Year 6 Teacher)

  8. This is great James, I love how you compare and contrast what you see on the outside to what’s on the inside. As a Star Wars fan I knew what you wrote about, however you have cleverly written this for those people who might just think Yoda is from an advert – well done!

  9. This is brilliant James! We have been writing character descriptions in my year 2 class, I think I will show them yours as an example of an excellent description! Some of my children LOVE Star Wars! Keep up the fantastic learning! πŸ™‚

  10. James this is super writing! I especially liked the explanation of how Yoda talks, which I think you have summed up perfectly. I hope you enjoyed writing this character study, keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  11. James, this is a fantastic piece of writing. You’ve painted a brilliant picture of Yoda’s personality.

    Is there any chance you could do one about General Grievous? I don’t know too much about his background.


    Oli Trussell
    Big school Maths Teacher

  12. James this is great writing! I love the powerful adjectives that you have used, and the fact that you haven’t just described what he looks like, but also how he talks and moves etc. I could make a really detailed picture in my head because of the amount of description you have included. Well done!

  13. I really like your descriptions of Yoda. I have never seen him so can now really use my mind’s eye to imagine what he looks like. Your paragraphs organise your thoughts really well. I can tell you enjoyed writing about it.

  14. Hi James
    I am so old, like Yoda, that I have never seen Star Wars. However, you have painted such a vivid and interesting picture in my mind that I think maybe I should go and see the film. Well done for stimulating my imagination.

    Jen Hughes

    PS Go and look that word up in Google translate (Clue: I live near Cardiff)

  15. Wow James great writing. Totally agree that Yoda’s looks are deceptive! You should be really proud of your description and the detail in your work. If you do one for General Grievous I will definitely read it as I don’t know anything about him. If you include a power sentence opener e.g. A word ending in -ing, that would be awesome.
    May the force be with you, and your writing….

  16. Hi James,

    Although I’m not a Star Wars fan I read this! It was so well written I was actually interested in this little guy. I can now tell my boys everything I know about Yoda, they love him!

    He sure is an impressive character. Thank you for helping me understand more about him.

    Keep writting.

  17. Dr Bob, Leeds Children’s Hospital.

    It’s great to read such enthusiastic writing, and a good reminder that everyone needs to look beneath appearences when we meet people.

    Thanks, James.

  18. Wow! Well done James. I could clearly see Yoda from your wonderful use of adjectives. I loved the way your writing clearly flowed from paragraph to paragraph. Keep up the great work.

  19. Well done James. I haven’t watched any Star Wars films for a long time, I think it’s time I checked out Yoda again. You have made it clear that looks can be deceiving!

  20. This is very descriptive and I can now picture Yoda, very clearly in my mind’s eye. I love the contrast you have created within this sentence: ‘The green man normally walks slowly but he moves with great speed and agility during a battle.’

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