Shannon’s Character Study of Yoda

At the age of 927, Yoda is the greatest Jedi Master in the whole of galactic history.
He has tough leather-like skin.Yoda is very, very small and his wrinkles get hidden under his grey cloak. At either side of his head, Yoda has large, pointy elf-like ears. Wispy tufts of grey and white hair spring out all over his body. Yoda has hypnotising eyes and he has a small cherry-like nose. Yoda wears a dusty grey cloak and he has very knobbly knees. Yoda holds up six fingers.
Quick, nimble and swift, he runs and crawls to get closer to his foe. Yoda is full of acrobatic movements.
When Yoda says ‘I will teach you’ he says it in a hoarse voice. Mixing up his words, Yoda says silly things like ‘training I have’. Even though he has an old, deep, croaky voice he is still clear.
Yoda is always feeling confident and proud. Whenever he gets angry, it just makes him stronger. The skilled man never smiles.


5 thoughts on “Shannon’s Character Study of Yoda

  1. Great description of Yoda, I could clearly picture him from your chosen adjectives. I think you have summed him up perfectly!

  2. What a fantastic piece of writing, Shannon! I love the way you have started sentences with some adjectives (Quick, nimble and swift) – it makes writing much more interesting to read when you start sentences in different ways. You did this really well throughout – well done!

  3. Hi Shannon,

    Enjoyed it I have…

    You have written this with excellent vocabulary, great describing of this interesting character.

    I can see how this little guy could be so underestimated. I would love to see him smile but understand that the reason he doesn’t is to maintain his mental strength! Gosh I know so much about Yoda now. 😉

    Keep writing.

  4. I am glad that you included how he speaks. That’s my favorite part of his character. I haven’t watched any Stars Wars movies in over 20 years but you make me think maybe it’s time again. My 11 year old daughter hates anything even slightly scary on screen so I’ve been waiting until she gets braver. Thanks for reminding me about Yoda.

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