Theme Park Maths: Desgin a Park Map

The children in 5SH Maths have been asked to open a Theme Park. Each week they’re going to do new tasks to get it ready for opening. This week was their second week so they needed a theme park map. They were asked to challenge themselves as to what maths features they could include we suggested: area of rides, budgeting for costs, a variety of attractions, a scaled map.

Here are the maps which they began to create and what they think they included. We are going to continue these next week.

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3 thoughts on “Theme Park Maths: Desgin a Park Map

  1. Hi,

    I really like the use of the scales in creating your maps. This is a skill that is used all the time in a variety of jobs. it would be good to see the scales used to work out the distance travelled by visitors, maybe given certain conditions. ie how far would someone who wanted to visit all of the fast or scary or childrens rides have to walk? this is an area of maths called route optimisation that extends to A level ! you could also work out things like……what point is the furthest from a rubbish bin? or from a toilet or food outlet….. ? people who design theme parks for a living do all this sort of stuff too 🙂
    the budgeting looks good too and it looks like you have all used a lot of maths . i like the reflective comments on what to do next time/lesson.
    if possible could you all make your names really clear on your work as it would be great to comment on each persons work.

    keep up the good work guys , well done

  2. Hi,

    You have demonstrated some great calculation skills here. Your use of scales is fantastic and it looks like you have used some great, logical recordings.

    Well done!

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