Connor’s setting description on Naboo


As I Swim from the boat, I see a tquise towering temple . It is Like an Island. From the bolcony it is a brillent view
As we walk further into Naboo we walk into an emrald green grass land. It looks like beautiful almost likea field or valley area. the shimmering baby blue water falling flocking down like hammers. There are weird animals in Naboo . The weird animals are like horses who have broken spines. There are loads of purple flowers .
The grass feels slobbery in Naboo because the weird animals haved dribbled .


2 thoughts on “Connor’s setting description on Naboo

  1. Connor, I am really impressed with this piece of writing as you have thought about your sentence types. You have opened your piece of writing with a complex sentence and you have also included compound and simple sentences as well.

    Remember those capital letters and full stops, some of them are in your book but not in this piece so be careful when typing it up also!

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