Davleen’s character study of Darth Vader

The goth lord moves stiffly, evil running through his veins. He is a very powerful Jedi knight but used his powers for villainous deeds. The charcoal – clothed knight has dark sunken sockets. His long shiny onyx cloak covers him entirely as none of his body can be seen.

His voice is loud and booming as everyone can here him.

With an incredible bawl, he punishes everyone he sees.

The person who has performed these deeds is Darth Vader.



4 thoughts on “Davleen’s character study of Darth Vader

  1. Davleen,

    You have considered your vocabulary choices carefully to aid you in describing the clothes which Darth Vader wears.

    When you’re writing a compound adjective you don’t need spaces with the hyphen (charcoal-clothed), you need spaces with using a dash (-) in a sentence which is what you might have seen in books.

    Finally, try not to move on too quickly when discussing the other features of your character. You could describe when/how he uses his booming voice, the raspy sound that his mask makes and even the intonation he uses.

  2. I love the description you have used…evil running through his veins, makes him sound like a person I certainly wouldn’t want to meet! I would love to know what kind of things this horrible person does to make him so deadly and dangerous!

  3. Woah… I never did like Darth Vader, but the way you describe him makes him even more menacing to me. I like how you wrote, “used his powers for villainous deeds.” That word “villainous” really vilifies him! 🙂

  4. I like the part when you put the charcoal clothed knight because of the descriptive language. At the start I would have put the evil goth loard

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