Our week

On monday in literacy we started to write a setting description of Naboo here is a picture of Naboo.

2014-01-14 13.30.14

We tried to use adventurous adjectives and powerful verbs. We were focusing on using different sentance structures. Like compound, simple and complex.
In geography we we are learning to locate continents and oceans on a map.

2014-01-13 15.13.10

On Tuesday we carried on with our Naboo description and, in science, learnt about forces. We watched a clip about Sir, Isaac Newton and used a few newton meters.

On Wednesday we started a new setting description of Mustafar.


In art we looked at pictures made by …..We made music on GarageBand that reflected our feelings of the picture we chose to concentrate on.
On Thursday we had a revision of the rules of speech. We did that by watching the clip of Luke and Yoda in Star Wars and converting the conversation from play script form to actual dialogue. Then in ICT compared google and bing maps. We had a play with both of them and saw what we could make them do. Molly went to her house, on google, and saw herself, her mum, and her sister!
On Friday we had our first swimming lesson. We were all buzzing! We got into the pool in groups of four and swum, one-by-one, front and back crawl. Then we were split into groups and swam one length. Short, but very fun!

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