Theme Park Maths: Design a Park Map Final

The children in 5SH Maths have been asked to open a Theme Park. Each week they’re going to do new tasks to get it ready for opening. This week was their third week so they needed to finish their theme park map. They were asked to challenge themselves as to what maths features they could include we suggested: area of rides, budgeting for costs, a variety of attractions, a scaled map. Mr Cross suggested that they also considered route optimisation i.e. the furthest distance you could possibly be from the toilets or a bin

Here are the maps which they have created and what they think they included.

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2 thoughts on “Theme Park Maths: Design a Park Map Final

  1. Excellent work again on this guys. The finances all look very well sorted and the parks themselves have some great detail in them. Have you considered time within your plans? Ie how long each ride is. You could also move from the distances travelled to work out how much time it would take someone to visit a certain amount or type of rides, including walking time, ride time and even queuing time. Another aspect to be considered that links with the queuing time is the visitor numbers. How many can your theme park hold so that……. No queue is greater than half an hour long…. Or so that the car park is not at full capacity or so that ……there is an average of …… People on each ride etc
    Well done again this week on all the work and i look forward to visiting soon to talk to you all individually about your work.
    Mr C

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