Our Week

On Monday in literacy we were focusing on using the correct tense. We also had to try and stay in that tense which was quite hard. We copied out a script from a Star Wars comic. We had to change it from present to past tense. In French we were learning to say ‘what is the time’ and ‘ it is … o’clock’. We wrote a mountain dictionary in geography. Including all (hopefully!) the difficult words that could describe a mountain.
On Tuesday we looked at trying to create mood and atmosphere in our writing. We watched a clip out of the last Star Wars movie and tried to use atmospheric words. In art we were again looking at Henry Matisse. We tried to recreate his work just like his was, rather than in music.
On Wednesday we finished our atmospheric work and, in music we were looking at cyclic patterns. We tried to follow the beat in a song called winds on the mountains. In science we were looking at forces, up thrust and gravity mainly. We tested how much weight objects lose when in water, due to, up thrust.
Thursday came and we did our PE, we focused on rolls, forward, teddy, log and egg. We looked at google earth again, in ICT. We had to locate a river, we had 3 destinations to visit, and, afterward, we had to decide which was our river.
On Friday we went swimming and practised our, front and back, crawl. When we came back we went into maths, then did spelling and handwriting. In the afternoon we had some free time on the iPads, we then had to fill in a questionnaire on what we did.


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