Our week 26-30.1.2014

On Monday we did our spellings. We looked at homophones and we will have a test at the end of the week. In geography we completed our mountain dictionary’s.
On Tuesday in Literacy we watched a short clip of Star Wars and recreated it. Then we completed a sheet of questions on Naboo and the Naboo system. Then in art we carried on with our Henry Mattise collages.
In Literacy on Wednesday we carried on with our gathering of information on Naboo. In music we listened to a men’s spear dance and replicated a basic tune with triangles. Then in science we tested some forces and filled out a sheet on which way they were pulling and why.
On Thursday in literacy we created a non-chronological report on Naboo, that was the reason for collecting the information earlier in the week. In P.E. we created a sequence of moves using at least, either, 5 balances;5 rolls and 5 jumps, or, 15 moves in total. Then instead of ICT, because there was very little time left, we did a 100wc (100 word challenge) each.
In swimming on Friday we finished of our front crawl and started to swim a little on our backs. We did a push and glide of of the wall (exactly what the name suggests!) and then trod water to stay afloat before swimming to the wall. Then after lunch we read some of our class book, Tom’s Midnight Garden. It is a book about a boy who had to move away to live with his aunt and uncle for a while because his brother had the measles. He then discovered that the old grandfather clock downstairs would strike 13. He was meant to be asleep for 10 hours, 10-7 o’clock. But with the extra hour he could go out and play in the garden. But when he realises that the garden only appears at night what will he do next?


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