Harry’s Darth Sidious Character Study

The dark lord and leader of the senate, Darth Sidious controls both sides of the force. His magenta light sabre whirls and gyrates as he attacks anyone who disobeys him.
His wrinkled, weathered face is unsuspecting but his thoughts are only on himself. The dark lords senators uniform is embroidered with gold stripes and patterns. His devil-like collar holds a hood used for casting his face into creepy shadow. When he uses the dark side his face blends in with his grey combs of hair. Also the senators thought piercing eyes turn a rotten yellow and his eyeballs turn crimson. When he bathes his face in darkness his eyes blast out at you shouting ‘DEATH!’ and ‘DESTRUCTION!’
He moves much like Yoda, stiffly and jerkily, and again, like Yoda, his fighting Is impeccable. Darth Sidious’ flips have a voice over of an ear-piercing war cry. He is less agile than Yoda but he would happily take on anyone without a doubt in his mind. Anyone who gets in his way will have to cope with lighting from his fingers, a sneaky foot to trip you up as well as a Jedi’s arsenal.
All he ever thinks about is suffering, his mind is full of it, he is obsessed. Power mad and insane he despises everything as to make him a better Sith. He can persuade the most dedicated of Jedi to turn to the dark side. He has one of the fastest fuses in the galaxy, but, he is clever with it. He controls his anger and channels it into destructive power. He is heartless and will do whatever he has to to get his way.
Uncontrollably moaning and groaning he cleverly chooses his words to not lie, but deceive the person he is talking to. To prove it he once said: ‘My new apprentice will come and take care of you’ so his apprentice killed them all. A gruff yet hoarse voice speaks to you, slipping in and out of a whisper.
Darth Sidious’ clever thinking makes him a huge threat to the Jedi. Yoda’s match is rising!


One thought on “Harry’s Darth Sidious Character Study

  1. Hi Harry.

    I am glad that you were proud of this piece! You worked hard, completely independently, and I know how much you will have wanted to discuss ideas and look up new words! My favourite sentence is ‘When he bathes his face in darkness his eyes blast out at you shouting ‘DEATH!’ and ‘DESTRUCTION!” as I love the idea of a face bathed in darkness, it gives a really clear picture!

    For future improvements there are a few too many sentences starting with ‘he’, a difficult task in this style of writing. The over-repetition in the 4th paragraph makes it sound a bit like a list.

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