Our Week 3-8.2.14

On Monday in literacy we again did some of our Naboo Non-chronological report. Then in French we learnt how to say quarter past the hours. ‘Il est une heure et quart’ means ‘It is quarter past one’. Then after lunch we had the school council elections. We all voted for the boy and girl we wanted to do the job, no one knows who has been voted for.
On Tuesday we did a character description on Darth Sidious. We watched a clip then made notes and wrote. Then in art we copied a small section of a Henry Mattise picture which, next week we we will convert into a clay tile.
On Wednesday in literacy we focused on a picture and wrote a letter to someone about what was happening in the picture.
( house picture from smart board ) In music we played another piece of music very similar to the last. It involved more notes and drums were played. In science we discussed why bubbles always float in water and we recorded the good ideas o. Our iPads.
On Thursday in literacy we described a picture on the board and debated a few sentences from people on the board. In PE we worked on balances. We had a sheet and tried to recreate the balances on there.
On Friday we went swimming as usual and then we were set a challenge to say to someone what they could do to improve. It was a good idea because you can’t look at yourself when you are swimming. In RE we listed ideas of pictures to look for next week. They had to jog our memory about something to do with the religion we have been learning about.


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