Theme Park Maths: Plan a Restaurant

The children in 5SH Maths have been asked to open a Theme Park. Each week they’re going to do new tasks to get it ready for opening. This week was their eighth week so they needed to start thinking about what the restaurant (which they should have added to their theme park map a few weeks ago) will be like and include. They first started by thinking about floor space, the restaurant had a maximum area of 30 metres squared and some people had planned for even smaller restaurants! They then had to think about how they were going to represent it, a ratio of 1cm:100cm was quite small and tricky to plan on. From here they had to estimate/research the size of tables and chairs, to be able to plan their area. As well as this, they were asked to think about the menu, realistic prices and ‘meal deals’. There is lots and lots to think about this week so it’s likely to take us a couple of lessons to complete this.

This is what we have got so far:

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