Harry’s Holes Letter

Camp Green Lake
January 7th 2014

Dear, Mom
I am writing to you to enlighten you to what I have been doing at Camp Green Lake.
This place is a complete joke! There is not even a lake here. It dryed up a yonks ago. It is soooo hot!!!! 90*, IN THE SHADE!!!! And that’s even if you can find any of it.
I live in tent D with a few other boys. The cot I have to sleep in used to belong to someone called Barfbag! YUCK! We only get 4 minuets in the shower, but, admittedly, it is 4 minuets in heaven!
On my first day I had to dig a hole in the scorching heat. It had to be 5ft x 5ft x 5ft and I got sunburnt, blistered, dehydrated and thoroughly worn out. Then, when I finished I could go to the ‘Wreck Room’ to relax. Everything, ironically, is wrecked. The TV, the pinball machine, the pool table, even the people look wrecked! Then we have to get up at 4:30 to repeat it all over again. The only way to get out of this tiring task is if you find something interesting and give it to the Warden, though I still haven’t met him/her.
Though the warden doesn’t sound nice the other boys are. They all have nicknames and mine is the ’Caveman’. The leader of the group seems to be a boy called X-ray. It is surprising because he clearly isn’t the toughest, largest and he is also slightly blind! There is also: Armpit; who seems to be X-ray’s sidekick and has a real name of Theodore, Zigzag; the seemingly comedian who’s real name is Ricky, Squid; who I met first and who’s real name is Alan and Magnet; who is called José really. My counsellor, Mr. Pendanski, seems nice enough. He understands that everyone makes mistakes and doesn’t judge us because of it. Mr. Sir, the camp leader is the opposite. He is like a retired cowboy, still in his prime. He carries a gun and wears a cowboy hat. Not the friendliest of looks!
Mr. Sir has denied X-Ray his day off so although X-ray has been here for over a year he has never had a day off! Yet on my first day I found a fossilised fish almost straight away! I handed it over to Mr. Pendanski he said it was interesting. But then when I asked for my day of he said it wasn’t! How annoying is that?! Afterward X-Ray came up and said for me to give him anything I found because of what I told you at the start of this paragraph. I agreed so that is that!
Please can you switch me over to jail! I HATE IT HERE! HATE it, HATE it, HATE IT! AARGH! DIE, DIE, DIE!
Oops sorry, I got a bit overexcited there, sorry!

Love From the Caveman!


2 thoughts on “Harry’s Holes Letter

  1. I love the way you gave us a little insight into each character. Holes is one of my favourite books and you’ve really captured the narrator’s thoughts. Have you ever read There’s a boy in the Girl’s bathroom? It’s by the same author and has a fantastic main character.

    • No, Mr. Malpas I haven’t read ‘A Boy In The Girl’s Bathroom’. Thank you for your reply and I think I will look into the book. Thanks again!

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