A Balanced Argument by Alex

A Balanced Argument by Alex

This balanced argument is about tourism on snowdonia. There will be for and against points.
Some people say that tourism is good so those tourists might come and live in the area. Though other people say that the paths might disappear if to many people walk on them. Against this, new shops can be built. However, beautiful habitats could be completely destroyed. That would be sad. On the other hand that could help people earn a better living. Similarly, people spend money. While people may pollute the area by dropping litter in small cracks or even on the pavement. People park their cars at the bottom of the mountain so they’re causing extra traffic. On the one hand, the mountain is also healthy for tourists. Even though trains can help the tourists get up. As well as that climbers erode the soil.

The conclusion is that people should be allowed to climb mountains e.g. Snowdon


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