Anikesh’s Darth Sidious character description

darth sidious character description

Darth Sidious is a cruel Sith Lord who wants to take over the entire galaxy.
He has white hair and his face is very grey and pale and his eyes is devil,yellow,black.Just in case he always carries a destructive,red lightsabre and uses his lightning which comes from his fingertips.A black,mysterious cloak is what Darth Sidious wears to intimidate his enemies.
He can do torpedo like jumps so fast by the time you’ve realised what’s happened there would be a red lightsabre through your stomach.As if he had too much sugar in his coffee,Darth Sidious can do many backflips in a small amount of time..His movement is as fast as the wind and as silent.
Darth Sidious gets a bad temper when he doesn’t get his way.His life is made up of treachery and deception of those who trust him.An example of his treachoury is his apprentice Darth Vader who was Anakin Skywalker,A Jedi who trusted him.
His voice is very croaky and sometimes it sounds as if more than person is talking but saying the same things in perfect unison.
Overall Darth Sidious is a dark menace who will do anything for power.

By Anikesh


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