To write a short story by Hannah

Everything is stormy and rainy, also made of paper, on the unknown planet of Dennete, it’s the planet furthest from the sun. Everybody is bustling about trying to get to work. One paper person is carrying a dragon, all the others are holding suitcases and umbrellas. The one holding the dragon is called John, Steve, a paper person, bumps into John and they both drop their things. John tries to get through the crowd to get it but can’t.
Steve picks up the dragon and holds it up. Immediately, it’s wings spread this turns Steve into a robot and his umbrella pushes and pulls him into the road. John manages to get through the crowd to find Steve’s umbrella turn into a rocket! During this process Steve makes sunlight appear and drops the dragon. John then catches it and is relieved. The rocket zooms about making more things colourful! The cars have great big butterfly wings and the buildings turn to dinosaurs and jack-in-the boxes and the sea starts to form.
Everything is colourful and bright all the people are smiling and the toy dragon turns real. His green, glistening scales shine in the sun as he flies over Dannete.


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