George’s Darth Sidious character study

At a very old age,Darth Sidious is an active character (like Yoda) who jumps, runs, and flips
His dark,beedy,red,eyes, glare at you with a nasty look. The red and yellow glows brightly from his eyes to face. As his blood shot eyes stare and never stop, he faintly hides the glowing yellow in the pupil of his eye. His gold yellow look stands out as you gaze. His old looking, dark like eyes fade away.
As he speaks with his frog like voice; faintly whispers. He also has a croaky,old,voice as he’s a phantom. His breathing is slow like he’s about to die (I wouldn’t be suprised at his age). His ghost like voice is the same slow and long also I think people are suprised his voice doesn’t hurt.
He has a rough,bumpy,surface all over his face. His old wrinkles that cover his face makes him look like he’s been in a swimming pool. His face fades away slightly turning purple and blue. His old facial features are remarkably disgusting. He has dusty,rotten,yellow,teeth with not a speck of white. His old whiskey hairs come out of his nostrils with lumps of snot on them. He has old grey hair put back and if you saw him you would think he’s bold.
As he moves,jumps and runs he does acrobatic tricks in every second. He has a struggled limp and often you see him standing or sitting down.


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