Kai’s Setting description

Setting description

Crystal clear water is calmly swaying back and fourth,splashing a tiny amount of golden sand.
Moving at the pace of a turtle,fluffy candy floss clouds hover above the beautiful landscape. Baby blue sky fills all of the gaps that haven’t got anything to show of. A lonely wooden bench is perched on top of a steep hill, staring in awe at the lovely world it lives in.
Emerald green plant life grows all around, on top of the small section of this island.
The clouds in the background look like an avalanche travelling over the sea. The water feels as if a huge bottle of fabric softener has been poured into it to make it as soft as possible. I can smell the freshness of the thin air I’m breathing in. The water I’m splashing onto the sand sounds nice and relaxing; a good place for a nice lovely holiday. I found a ripe red apple on a tree so I ate it. It tasted like a bottle of apple juice had been put in my mouth along with the crunchiest thing in the world,without any flavour. Moss is growing all over the bottom half of the bench trying to cover the whole wooden pice of seating. The sun shines through the clouds blinding me as I walk along the beach. This paradise looks like the Starwars planet Naboo.
Is it Naboo?


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