Keval’s book review

Book review by: Keval Author name’s: Clive King

Book name: Stig of the dump

The character are: Stig, Barney, Lou and Grandma.
My favourite character is Barney cause he is a sweet
Loving boy how took care of of Stig(the caveman )

I like the book because it has one normal kid and a strange caveman.
It has really good adventures and my favourite part is when they see
the loin in garden.

I would give this book a ten out of ten and I would recommend
it another person.


One thought on “Keval’s book review

  1. I think I will to read “Stig of the Dump” after your book review Keval! You did a great job of explaining your book and I am looking forward to reading it when I find it.
    From Caitlin, Room 1

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