Shannon. Stanley’s diary.

Dear Diary,

Today has been way better than yesterday.
Lots and lots of things have gone on today, X-Ray has been a lot kinder to me recently, I got a letter from my family and I got whacked in the head with a spade! I still hate this place!
First of all I will talk about X-Ray, I am happy with him now. It all started when we were in the wreck room, Squid was sat comfortably, but when I walked into the room X-Ray told Him to move and he did! As well he keeps calling me Caveman instead of Stanley (yay).
What annoyed me though was the fact that when Mr. Pendancski came in he asked for Stanley and everyone shouted back at him that I am Caveman. He said that I didn’t need the letter in his hand then, because it is addressed to Stanley Yelnats.
When I finally managed to get the letter off him, everyone wanted to know what it said, but again X-Ray backed me up. It was so good to know what was going on at home and that my family are okay.
I wasn’t okay though when I dug my hole after dinner. I was digging when suddenly, Armpit turned round and hit me in the head with his spade! It gave me a dash by my right ear and I think I fainted! X-Ray started calling to Mr. Sir that I was hurt. When I had been pulled out of the hole, Mr. Sir found a bit of sunflower seed bag and taped it to my wound. Then he told me to get back to digging! I was so angry! Armpit told me to move my dirt because it was blocking his digging place. I wanted to say if you hadn’t hit me then none of this would have happened but I just did what I was told.
This is a place of pain, but no one cares! I think I should have told my mum the truth but I didn’t (grrr). I will write here again tomorrow. I need to go to sleep now. Good Night!

Xx Stanley xX


3 thoughts on “Shannon. Stanley’s diary.

  1. I think it is really cool that your class has decided to re-create Stanley’s diary! You are doing a really good job of it. When I read the book from my school library I thought it was a really good book. I hope you continue with this project.
    From Caitlin

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