Stanley’s Diary by Hannah R

Dear Diary,
Today was … REALLY TIRING! X-Ray came back YAY, I looked for the cameras, we dug holes and… I got injured! 😦
It all started when we went to dig the holes. The Warden is getting really impatient! She makes us dig more and more. At first we had 4 small holes. Then, they joined up and made one gigantic hole! Apparently, we were having too much water! All because Armpit went to the loo! Luckily, though, I only used the wheelbarrow because I’m a slow digger. I was digging with all the other boys when ZigZag hit me with his shovel!
I fell on the floor not knowing whether I’d been knocked out or not. Someonef shouted that I’d been hurt. I was taken out the hole and put on the floor. Mr Sir got some of his sunflower seed sack and made a bandage. I went back down and ZigZag, who hit me, said that it was my dirt. I realised what he meant. A small pile of dirt fell off my shovel. I picked it up and ZigZag jammed his shovel into the dirt and started digging again. After a hard days work we went to the shower.
All the time I Was looking for the cameras hidden in the shower. I didn’t see any I hope the Warden didn’t see me looking for them!
Oh, I also received a letter from my mum! I waited for the boys to go to dinner before I read it. She said that she felt sorry for the little old lady who lived in a shoe because it must of smelt horrible. I was surprised to see Zero reading over my shoulder! He was looking at me blankly. He asked what I was laughing about. I told him about the little old lady thing. Yet again he looked at me blankly. That kids confusing!

So, the worst part of my day was getting injured, I still feel dizzy, and the best thing was not having to dig that much. But ,yet again, I survived another day at Camp Green Lake! YAY! GO ME!

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