Stanley’s Diary Entry

Dear Diary,
Today when I entered the wreak-room there were lots of people I didn’t even know that went to camp green lake it surprised me,but X-Ray was there in a happy mood (that’s new) most of the people are bony and smelly but I talked to X-Ray so that helped a lot!Then suddenly I started to think about the tube and what was it also who it belonged to because it had the words K.B on it.Today also, my mum replied to my letter about when I lied it made me laugh at points but I’ve had some bad news we might get evicted because my dad’s been cooking old sneakers and the bad smell so they want us out.I hope they sort something out because that’s my home.Also today I got hit in the with a shovel and started to bleed but I didn’t even get the day off,all I got was a bandage Mr.Pendancekey made for me out of sunflower seeds.How that happened was Zig-Zag was digging and I lifted up my shovel of dirt to throw over my shoulder then he hit me in the neck and said “I ain’t digging up your dirt (Rude) so I’ve had a quite eventfull day in total thanks for listing diary.
Bye For Now Diary!


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