Theme Park Maths: Ticket Prices

The children in 5SH Maths have been asked to open a Theme Park. Each week they’re going to do new tasks to get it ready for opening. This week they needed to start thinking about how much they need to charge for entrance to the park. They know that they need to charge enough to make a profit but if they charge too much no one will come and then they’ll definitely lose money! To ensure they were in the right price range they compared prices on several theme parks in the UK, they used their understanding of mode, mean, median and range to decide an appropriate price. After this they came up with some special offers to encourage people to attend their parks. Here is what they worked on:

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Kid’s cost 36.50
If your under 1 meter you get 20%of permanently
3 years and under go free
50% off on Sundays
It cost £73 if your an adult to get into my theme park

Adult. Children. Family. Senior. Disabled/carer


36. 30.60. Of three. 18. 36
Joseph Of four

Of five

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 21.24.58

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 21.24.50


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