Comparing and evaluating a text to a film: Holes!

We have now reached the end of our fun-filled Holes topic. Here is the final piece the children have written. Please leave them a comment including what they have done well and what they must work to improve! We hope you enjoy reading them.

WARNING: If you have not read the book/seen the film Holes by Louis Sacher there may be some spoilers in the work below!

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‘Holes’ by Louis Sacher is a book that has been converted into a film. It’s plot follows some of the events in the life of Stanley Yelnats, an American teen. His time in juvenile is surprisingly interesting!
The first real difference comes in one of the flashbacks. When Kate Barlow runs from the burning school-house, in the book it is easier to make the link that it was because of her kissing Sam that did it for the villagers. I think they should have kept that the same. Then instead of running to Sam, jumping in the boat and rowing away, then coming back to see Mary Lou dead, Kate saw Mary Lou dead first and saw Sam shot down in his boat, from the shore.
Then, the next difference was when X-Ray supposedly dug up the ‘Kate Barlow Tube’ they made tunnels to connect lots of different DEEP holes rather than making one GIGANTIC hole. I think the movie’s version is better but you are more likely to find something the less ground you leave ‘undug’.
Next, at the end Rain dance film y book n
The book, for me, is one of the best books I have ever read. It has a problem in that when Madam Zeroni wants to go up the mountain she is talking about GOING to America so ‘God’s thumb’ cannot be the same mountain. The film is also very good and doesn’t have flaws in the same way but is harder to understand , the flashbacks don’t link quite as well but is great in other areas.
For me, the book is better but I could understand others liking the film more.

We have been reading the book Holes written by Louis Sachar. We have also watched the movie.
There are some similarities like there names are all the same and the story line is the same and so is the setting.But there are some differences like in the film Stanley found the water but in the book he had to dig for the water.I like the version of the book because it’s more of a cliff hanger.The other difference is in the book they give it more detail.
I like the book at the part where they go up the mountain because it’s a bit of an adventure.But I don’t like it near the begging they didn’t given it enough detail.My favourite part of the movie is where Zero whacks Mr Pendanski with the shovel.But over all the movie is my favroute is the movie.

Holes is a grate movie and also a good book the sorry is the same but there are a few differentses and and some are very hard to spot and most of these are in the dark. The book is about a young boy called Stanley which according to the book is over weight but one of the deferentses are that in the movie he is not. My perspective of the characters was different and also the personality of the group of boys , and also the story of kissin Kate Barlow completely unexpected at that moment in the book Sam and Kate are in the boat together but Sam only dies and Kate pulls herself up to find Mery Lou dead but in the movie Kate is not in the boat.

Over all I think the book is better and also they could of mention a new camp member called Twich he was brought in after Stanley went to look for Zero .

The book holes is authorised by Louis Sacher and is a very well detailed book about a boy called Stanley Yelnats. Stanley goes to a place called camp green lake. Camp green lake is set in Texas in America, it is a place other than jail. The punishment is to dig a hole every day to try and look for buried objects, if you find anything you are to report it to the warden.
There are some differences in holes between the film and the book. When Stanley nearly falls off of big thumb, that doesn’t happen in the book. And in the film there are much more people than it says in the book. When Stanley and zero come back from big thumb they all Mede a load of tunnels together to walk through.
When Mr.Sir tells Stanley about the scorpions,rattlesnakes and yellow spotted lizards he says exactly the same as in the book. And when Stanley and zero come back from big thumb the warden and Mr.Sir see them digging the treasure.
By : Joshua

In this comparison this will be about the book holes and the movie holes.
This will show the the differences and Similarities of holes.
In the book there was more parts and a few more mysteries however in
the movie there are less parts and different thing that happened in an area.
In some parts in the movie were swapped around and there was a another character in the movie.
Some of the stories lines were roughly the same but there was a few muddle ups. There was a few parts that were in the same way but just with a few changes in the movie.
What I like about the book is there was more parts that happened and there was some more information in it. What I don’t like about the book is there was bit to much description at the beginning and there less characters in the book.
My likes about the movie is that there were more characters so there more stories parts. What I didn’t like about it was there was swearing and I hate swearing and also I though there was a muddle up.
In overall I like the book
From Keval

We have watched the movie Holes and read the book version of it and now this will tell you some of the differences and similarities.
The storyline between the book and the movie are roughly the Same, it’s just that the movie cuts out some parts which to me isn’t as good.
Kate Barlow in the movie is found by Trout and Linda Walker next to Sam’s bout and let’s a yellow spotted lizard kill her, but in the book she is found in her cabin and a lizard bit her straight away. I prefer the book at this part because it’s more dramatic. At big thumb in the movie Stanley just finds water but in the book he has to dig for it, but they should of changed the book to find water.
I like in the book how it has a lot of detail about things and places so you can really imagine what they look like. I don’t like in the book how Stanley had to dig for water on big thumb. In the film I like how all the Y.S.Ls jump all over Stanley and Zero because it was a life or death moment. I don’t like in the film how it cuts a lot out because I think the more detail the better. I like the book and the film the same.

I am wrighting about the book holes by Louis satcher. ring any bells. So this is about similarities and differences from the book and the film.
I think the differences from the book and the film like at the end in the book he has to go back down the mountain and get the shovel but in the film he has the shovel but he doesn’t have to dig to find more water.
The similarities is were the book and film have the same thing so like zero hits mr pendanceski round the face with the shovel.
I like the book because it includes everything that I would expect it doesn’t miss anything. it’s really interesting and it’s a bit hard to keep up but I managed
I like the film but it misses some stuff out from the book the it’s good. I’m not sure if it’s better than the book.

Yesterday we watched a film called Holes.The author Louis Sachar the person who writ this book.Holes is a film and a book we are comparing the book to the film and looking at the differences and similarities.It is about an American Teen that got sent to a prison like camp for something that StanleyYelnats did Not do! He meets new friends and meets a friend called Zero.His real name is Hector Zeroni son of Madame Zeroni.Stanley tries to break the curse that his great,great,great dirty,rotten pig stealing grandfather made.


The events,storyline,characters,names,
settings the Warden was digging with her
Grandad when she was little and in the book
that is exactly what they did. They are
In Texas.

In the film Stanley was ver very skinny but in the book it said that he was chubby and fat which in my opinion made me think of a different person. There is also not a lake n any of the flashbacks.

About the book
What I did like about the book was that it was a mystery more than the film.What I disliked about the book was that It did not give so Much of a idea of the characters and scenes.

About the film
What I liked about the film is that it gave you a big picture in your mind and that you can understand it more.What I disliked about it that it was less of a mystery than the book

Overall I really liked the book so much because it was different to other books that we have read but I Love the film it was different and it was one of the best movies I have ever seen.
By Malina

The book holes is about a boy that has got blamed for steeling sweet feet’s shoes. But he has to go to Camp Green Lake and have to dig holes. So now he has to dig holes un till he’s sentence is finished. In 18 months time.
In the movie they have the same as in the book like when they [Stanley and zero ] ate a lot of onions. That way when they were covered in yellow spotted lizards they didn’t die. Also the setting was the same and the story line.

Diss likes of the book is to much info likes about the book it gives fun to it so they climbed up the mountain with one hand. Likes about the movie not too much detail. So movie is what I would pick
By jack w

We have been studying the book holes by Louis sacher , over a couple of weeks and we have read the film.As well they both areVery good and have lots of description so earyou understand both of them.
The similarities of them both is the story lines are both roughly the same throughout the story.The characters and the settings are both the same really not a lot has changed really.In both film and book the speech is really the same!
The differences are that Stanley isn’t fat in the film and the book said he was.Also in the book Zero was really black and in the book he was just brown and that’s what I think the differences.
I didn’t really like the book because I didn’t really understand the book because it kept changing settings and I didn’t get what really was going on and in general it was confusing.The things I like about the book are it was different to the film.The things I like the film because it wasn’t so confusing and it was more better.Overall I liked the film best.
By Ruby Grant

Holes made by Louis Sachar has made a film and a book there are some similarities and some differences.
It’s about a boy called Stanley Yelnats and zero(AKA) Hector Zeroni are sent to Camp Green Lake struggling to stay alive in the sweltering heat without that much water.
In the film and book they have the same name because it would confuse the reader with with who they are.
A difference is that in the book it says that Stanley is fat but in the film he isn’t very fat.

I like the book because it lets you imagine what everything is like in your point of view but it could different words instead of just said.
I also like the film because instead of describing the character it actually shows the character

I like them both the same because they are very good
By Tex

For the last few weeks we have been doing English about Holes a book about Louis Sachar. So in this piece work we will be looking at the differences and similarities of the book and movie.
You start of in the book with a boy called Stanley who is bullied.It says a bully called Derrick Dune bullies him and one day throws his journal into a toilet.He then has to take it out and dry it.He then goes outside and a pair of shoes falls on his head.Now in the movie It just starts off with the shoes falling on his head So that is quite a difference.It would have been nicer if they showed the beggining of the book because then you would know why Stanley is walking. Later on the police finds him thinking he stole the shoes.In the book and the movie they escort him back to his home.This makes Stanley embarresed that he was taken home by cops.Another similarity played a role to make you laugh.Stanley’s dad asks the police for their shoes because he is trying to remove the stink from shoes and he sees the policemen has nice shoes so he asks for it.It was good thing for them to put this to give people a laugh.Going on later they are at Camp Green Lake so when he comes for lunch Zigzag says to sit here where in the book Stanley sits down in any spot on the tent D table.This seemed good in the movie because it gives the viewer that they are sort of friendly.The next day when Stanley dogs he says he found a fossil so he shows a councillor but is told the warden is not interested.X ray then comes to say anything you find give it to me.
In the book there were only some parts I didn’t like.The part when Zero was rolling down the mountain wasn’t told in the book. Things I love about the book is when the warden comes and Stanley sees the warden is a girl.
In the movie there were a lot more things I didn’t like.For instance in one of the flashbacks Kate runs to the sherif who is drunk and says he is always drunk before a hanging.Kate then thinks he’s going to hang Sam.In the book they explain it saying that Sam is not allowed to kiss Kate because he is black and she is white.There are many other times this happens.
Overall the book is definetly better than the book
By Anikesh

We watched the film holes by Louis. It was really good in my opinion . There was lots of similarities and lots of differences . I’m going to write some of theses similarities and differences .

The difference Is Stanley is not fat in the movie but it says he is in the movie . The book misses out stuff that was said in the movie so it’s confusing . In the book he dug a lot more than in the movie . In the movie that had a chest and in the book they had a briefcase with the treasure in.

The similarities are both set in Texas . The story line is the same and they still climbed the mountain . The shoes still fell on Stanley’s head . They have the same style house and they still drank the sploosh .

In the book I liked when zero hit mr pendanceski because it made me laugh . In the book I disliked when zero got cut . In the movie I liked when zero fount his mum because it made me happy . In the film I disliked when the lizard bit Kate Barlow . Overall I liked the film better cos I can understand It more .
By Molly

I am going to tell you about is Holes by Louis Sachar. I am going to tell you the similarities and differences between the book and movie.
A similarity is at the beginning when Stanley was walking home and shoes fell on his head and a difference is when in the book Stanley was slim and was chubby in the movie. Stanley has to dig for water in the movie and in the book he doesn’t have to dig for water he just finds it.
I disliked it when Stanley was getting bullied but I liked it when Stanley made a friend called Hector Zeroni. In the film I liked it when Stanley drove the truck to get Hector.
By Michael

Recently we have been reading and watching holes by Louis Sachar.
first of all the similarities between the book and the movie are that all the characters are the same which is good because otherwise you wouldn’t know who the characters are for some of the movie and all the places are the same like camp green lake,Texas,the boat and gods thumb and all the items like the shovel,the sack of seeds,the lipstick tube etc and the wildlife like scorpions,rattlesnakes and yellow spotted lizards.
Next the differences are the storyline but I think the storyline should be the same as the book because you might need some of that information from the book to understand the film,also the looks are different because in the book Stanley was fat but in the movie armpit was fat.
In the book I liked everything after when Stanley stole the truck because it was really interesting and unexpected at big thumb the movie I liked all of it except the bus ride because it wasn’t very exciting.overall I like both of them but prefer the movie.


Holes is the book we have been studying. The book is by Louis Sachar. It’s about a boy called Stanley Yelnats who is sent to a prison camp for being accused for stealing a pair of shoes. Stanley’s family is cursed!

We have watched the film and I think the film is similar to the book. All the characters are the same and the story line is the same. But in the book at the begging Stanley is fat the in the film he slim al the way through. Some stuff in the book is similar to the film but some is not exactly the same. I like the film better than the book because the film is a bit better to understand.

Some stuff in the film are different to the book,like in the book the warden shines a red light on Stanley and Zero but in the film she shines a white light on them. One part of the film Stanley just finds water but in the book he has to dig for it.

I like the the book because at first it was hard to understand but in the end I really enjoyed it. I also like the film because you see all the characters and understand it a bit better. I like the film the best because I can see what everyone or thing looks like.

By Millie

Holes is a book written by Louis Sachar and there are a few differences and similarities throughout the book and the film. Louis Sachar has made a few changes in the film to the book but they are relatively the same.
The similarities are: the people,the plot, the story and D tent where all the same.
The differences are: Stanley is skinny in the film and he was fat in the book,Armpit is fat in the film but not in the book.
I liked the book because it told you a bit more information for different parts.
I liked the film because it was quite funny at some stages.
Overall I liked the film better because when in the book they had flashbacks and I got mixed up but the film I could understood.

This book holes ,by Louis Sachar. Is a very mysterious novel. Stanley Yelnats 4th has a curse on his whole family. He may not believe in it ,but he always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and that’s how Stanley got into Camp Green Lake. It was either jail or camp he chose camp. At camp it was dry and hot most of all there was no lake. Altleast Stanley made a friend who he went on a mysterious adventure on with.
There were many differences in the book and the film and there were many differences as well. The book had the same story line as the movie as did the movie. In the book it said that Stanley was fat, well in the movie he looked nothing like fat and I would be surprised if he was over 6 stone. That’s not the only difference though there were many more. I liked the book and films because of how they made the same story line but with differences.
Some of the similarities were that they were both set in Texas and that was hard to find because there aren’t really many normal similarities. Some of the other similarities is that they both have the same story line as I said before. There are many more similarities they I can list but I would be here a long time, so I won’t. I think the similarities they could of added a not less to make it more exciting.
I like the book Holes because of the flashbacks they had and I lie the film Holes because of the graphics of the film when they climb god’s thumb. Overall I like the book and I like the film ,but I prefer the movie.
George Joyce


20 thoughts on “Comparing and evaluating a text to a film: Holes!

  1. Jack G, I liked your piece of writing ,but I think you could of added a bit more information and do the similarities paragraph as well apart from that I enjoyed your piece of writing.

  2. I read Leire’s and for tickled pink I think she used different sentence openers and included as much as she had time to.
    For green for growth a bit more detail could be used at the beginning because there was a difference.

  3. Leire, I really liked how you tried to put the similarities and differences in order of when they happened, but I think to improve, you could use a different word to start your sentences instead of I.

  4. Hannah, you have worked really hard and tried your best. I think your work is very good but you have missed out some grammar and mixed up homophones

  5. Hannah, you have worked really hard and tried your best. I think your work is very good but you have missed out some grammar and mixed up homophones.
    From Davleen

  6. I like Kasmira’s work because it explains a lot of the details but she should not have put as much detail because it might ruin it for somebody who just started reading it.

  7. Hannah
    Tickle pink: We liked how you put all your paragraphs in order.
    Green for growth: you said that you didn’t like lots of detail but in the next paragraph you said you liked lots of detail.
    From Tex & Ryder

  8. I think your piece was very descriptive and had a lot of really good words and you didn’t give any of it away well done.
    I still think you could of written more.

  9. Shannon I liked your piece of work because of the great punctuation but remember to read over the text for any mistakes because there was a mistake in your work but overall well done. From Stephanie

  10. Hannah you said Stanley broke the curse twice and you spelt Armpit without a capital letter I like the way you said I dislike this but like this because it shows you can have one paragraph for two things in a way

  11. For ruby
    Your points were well explained throughout the book.You explained well that Stanley is fat in the book but thin in the movie.There were a few parts where you didn’t use punctuation like using the capital letter v in the middle of the sentence.There was a part where you said read the movie.Besides that everything is great.

    By anikesh

  12. To Shannon’s post,
    I really think you had a very clear piece of writing but you did include words you didn’t need to include like “the mainly the same too”.

  13. Shannon
    I liked Shannon’s one because it was telling you about the things that she liked and diss liked. I liked how she linked the paragraphs a bit. I didn’t like the slide show sorry.

  14. I read Hannah’s pice of work and I then Hannah you said I don’t like the book because it has to much detail but at the end you said you like the book more so then I got confused

  15. Shannon a pink is you had lots of ideas and I liked your end part it really summed it up green you used he to start a sentence quit a bit and you said I a lot .
    From Molly

  16. Hannah, you were repeating the same thing sometimes when you were writing a paragraph. On the plus side you were saying how you disliked and liked Holes. Keep up the good work!

    From Alex

  17. I liked Alex’s presentation because it covered all of the main differences and similarities. However, I think he could have included more detail about each of them.

    P.s. The first piece of writing is mine ( I forgot to put my name on it ).

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