This week we have been testing a new type of computer in school called a Chromebook. They look like this:



Two of our Digital Leaders got the first opportunity to have a go on them and tell us what they thought. Here are their opinions:


This Chromebook is good because it can do many things such as using documents,slideshows and files.It lets you have many opportunities and you can do things like a normal computer clearly but this one does more than a regular has a lot more possibilities and different things to do to help your learning.

 it is a really helpful learning tool that i would want to use a lot and I think this is very helpful to children and adults because it lets you create what you want and it doesn’t stop you from something too complicated and you can do stuff simple and complicated and it will help you learn easily from its many tools.

overall I enjoyed using this and think it would be a good learning tool for schools everywhere.

by James, Digital Leader, 5SH


I thought that the chrome book was very nice to go on. I really liked going on it and I think that other people would like to go on it too. It was quite easy to go on and at the end I found out how to make a powerpoint and how to save it too. You can do loads of exciting things on it and it was very fun.

by Saddiqua, Digital Leader, 5LH

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