Hannah and Harry have been exploring something that we’re testing in school called Lego Wedo. It’s basically lego which can be programmed! Here is a picture of some of the things there are instructions for:



After the first 10 minutes:

At lunchtime on Friday Digital Leaders had a meeting, Hannah and I tried out the new Lego Education ‘WeDo’ set we had borrowed from the University of Northampton.
As soon as I heard that Mrs Humphries would be trying to work out the Lego set that had been sitting on the desk a week or so, I immediately asked if I could help. I had seen that it was also part Lego Technics (Lego with motors, batteries and pneumatic pumps). I have a bit of this stuff at home and I like building cars with differentials so I just wanted to experiment.
It took a while to get the instructions up on the computer, they were not on paper because you also had to programme the motors too. That means it is also part Lego Mindstorms! We then, after we got it up on the computer, we stated building but the programmes had a bug and we pack up.
I enjoyed the building part and we did it pretty quickly. I am looking forward to having a less rushed time building it again next week.

Harry, 5SH Digital Leader

When I first saw LEGO WeDo I really liked the idea because at home I only have normal LEGO not the electronic type. I had a little go with it and found it quite interesting because there were sensors and cogs and things. There were things that plugged into the computer to power the mechanism.

At first we couldn’t find the instructions so we tried to build it without them and it didn’t go so well. But then we found them and it turned out to be wrong!

Hannah, 5SH Digital Leader



After a further 30 minutes:

After we had a go I liked LEGO WeDo even more! We managed to make a LEGO crocodiles mouth go down and make a crunching noise when something went in it. After that we tried to make something without instructions. We made a car and it went forward when we either pressed the A button or when we waved our hand by it. When we clapped or made a loud noise it would stop for a second then start again. It was rather cool because we hadn’t had any instructions to make it and it worked!
We haven’t used some things such as the tilt sensor and I am looking foreword to using it!

Hannah, 5SH Digital Leader

This time Hannah and I got the whole crocodile built and programmed it.
When you threw a Lego piece into it’s mouth the motion sensor (hidden within it’s tongue) triggered the motor which turned a cog. That then meshed with another and turned a pulley. That turned another pulley, that one moved the upper mouth. So then it would chomp down on the brick. Cool Huh!?
Then we decided to try and build a car. I had an idea for it. Hannah gave me the needed pieces and I put it together. The mechanism was similar to that of the croc. The motor turned a cog that meshed, turned a pulley and a bigger pulley on the other end was turned. That acted as the driven wheel. It was the same with the other wheel. Then on the front there were two cogs attached to the chassis.
And, It Worked! HOORAY!

Harry, 5SH Digital Leader

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