Harry’s Raspberry Pi Teacher Meet Recount

Last Wednesday Daniel and I were chosen to represent our classes in this meeting. We are both in Digital Leaders so new what the Pi could do. A Raspberry Pi is a low cost compact computer on which to learn programming. On Wednesday we stayed behind after school to set up the Pi s before the meeting. We had all 5 Pi s set up. One running a python script to activate the add on of Seven Segments of Pi. Two running Scratch, one for Makey – Makeys, and one for the Pibrella. Another running a python programme that I had created and one running Sonic Pi.

We had not written the scripts for the Seven Segments, what we had been doing though is saying ‘If I change this to this, what happens?’. Ultimately what it does is count to three both on the Python Shell (Where you run your script to see what it does) and on the add on itself (The seven segment display, hence the name).

A Makey – Makey is a circuit board that replaces a keyboard. There is a earth plate in which you attach a crocodile clip and then clips that attach onto the right, left, up, down and space keys. When you touch the earth wire and one of the others at the same time it performs that action on the screen.

A Pibrella is an add-on circuit board that attaces on to the GPIO pins (General-Purpose input/output). When programmed on scratch or python you can make lights flash and buzzers buzz.

Sonic Pi is an application pre-installed on the Pi s to make sounds. Using waits, notes  , if statements and loops you can create your own music.

Mrs. Humphries showed the a teachers a Raspberry Pi and then let them have a wander around the room looking at the different activities. I got some good advice on my Python so I was happy! I think everyone enjoyed it but I had to leave half way through at 5:00 to go home.

I had a really good time that day. I think Daniel did too.


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