A new year!

How school has been…
We have had a busy time since starting on Friday, but so far we’ve had a lot of fun. We also have a great teacher. We are working hard and using our learning muscles in Maths and English. The classroom is bigger compared to years 3 and 4 which is important as we are all getting bigger as well.

About Mekon…
We have to get used to different sized groups at our table now that we’re in Mekon. We have lots of monitors, which is good because it means that each person gets to have a turn. There is a lot less noise to distract us in the Mekon. We also have our own draws to look after our equipment.

News and changes…
This year there are lots of changes. Instead of doing outdoor P.E. this term 5SH go swimming. We have a new headteacher and he has introduced ‘Houses’ – these are like teams which everyone belongs to from Foundation Stage to year 6, the teachers are in houses too.

What we’re looking forward to this year…
We are looking forward to growing our brains by having a go at more challenging work. Achieving our goals is really important. We are excited to go swimming as a class. We want to do more blogging and share it with everyone.

We hope that you enjoyed reading our first blog post.

How has your new school year been going?
Is there anything you would like us to blog about? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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One thought on “A new year!

  1. I am so pleased you have all had such a positive start to the term. I’m looking forward to seeing who is in which house and who is Star of the Week! Love Mrs Ottaway x

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