The Snowman by Alfie

It was a cold,snowy night. The trees were covered with soft fluffy snow and the ground was white. A little house was perched on a small hill in the country side in the cold harsh winter.

Inside the house was a small boy having a peaceful slumber. He was dreaming of an amazing Christmas and a happy new year. The powerful snowstorm was not awakening him from his sleep. The curtains were blowing around in the breeze .

Suddenly , he woke up in excitement . He jumped out of bed ,looked out of the window and saw the wintery , wonders outside. Joyfully , he jumped around in excitement . He didn’t stop for a minute to get his breath back. He was bouncing of the walls!

Straight away , he got himself dressed . Like a bullet he ran down stairs and put his coat on. Once he had his cloves on , he put on his socks and boots. His mum put his hat on but it flew of!

Wondering around in the snow , he stumbled across a tree . He leaped in the air and grabbed onto a branch and swung back and forth. All of a sudden , he crashed to the ground . The sparkly snow gave him an idea. He picked up some snow and lobbed it over the garden. Accidentally, the snowball hit his house! His mum was not happy. Walking down the hill , he started to sulk.

He starts to get a bit lonely so he made a friend. Randomly picking up some snow , the boy rolled some snow on the the ground. Once the snowball was big , he started to shovel some snow on top to give it a better shape that looks more like a snowman . Repeating himself , he rolled up more snow fore the head. Using a foot stall to reach , he placed the snow on the snowman’s body . The boy’s mum called him in for som tea. He couldn’t stop thinking about the snowman . He asked his mum for a hat and a scarf and put the hat on the snowman’s head and the scarf around his neck . Sprinting back inside the house he got an orange for his noes . He then gets some coal for his buttons and his eyes .

After all of that hard work it was time fore bed . He brushed is teeth and got in his pyjamas on and went to bed .

He couldn’t sleep knowing that there was his snowman out side so he got out of bed , walked down the steps and stared at his snow creation out of the glass window on the door . Just at that minute the clock struck midnight. All of a sudden the snowman sparkled and turned around and looked at the boy ! The boy couldn’t believe it . He rubbed his eyes thinking it was just his imagination but no no it wasn’t. He opened the door and the snowman slowly approached him . The boy didn’t know if he should be scared or excited but then he realised that it was the greatest thing in his life . The snowman shook his hand and the boy let him inside.

First the boy showed the snowman in the living room. The snowman’s favourite thing in the living room was the bright , colourful Christmas tree . The boy turned the lights on . The snowman was dazzled by the lights that were shining like a million stares . The snowman sat down and the boy turned on the TV . Unfortunately he was right next to the fire place . The snowman almost melted ! Getting out of the chair, they came across the family cat the cat hissed and jumped out of its skin!

Then they went into the kitchen. The hot tap was way to hot. He started to swap his noes for other fruit.

They went upstairs into the boy’s mum and dad’s room . The snowman put on some makeup and some different cloths on ! He put some perfume on but it tickled his noes. He was about to sneeze but luckily they escaped just in time.

They glanced out the window and saw a black motorbike . They were straight away down stairs. The snowman put on the helmet and turned the key. He was out of control! Luckily he stopped. The boy got on the bike …the snowman got on .they crashed through the fence and race through the forest. They finely got back home.

The boy took the snowman in the garage and the snowman got in the freezer and put some pees on his head. He found a picture of a place in the forest. Holding the boy’s hand,The snowman ran in the garden. He jumped and finally flew.

They went past buildings and houses . They even went past the ocean and saw a crews ship and a wale!

Finally they arrived at the North Pole. They went into a dark, scary wood . The boy was terrified but then he realised were he was. The North Pole!Once , they were through they saw a Hurd of snowmen all crowded up in a small bunch. They they started to make there way through the giant,dancing snowmen. Finally , they got through and at the end they saw Santa clause!

They started to dance around happy. The table was piled with food. It could have been dinner for years! Al of the drunk snowmen were skipping around and drinking.

The cheerful boy was spinning and jumping all night long with the snowmen. Then he got in the middle of a circle of snowmen and danced with a Scottish snowman!

Whilst cracking Christmas crackers,they cheered loudly. They span around
In circles with glee . Santa shows the boy a hut. The boy was puzzled but then he oped the burn door and saw Santa ‘s rainier! All nine of them!

Santa offered him his Christmas present. After al of that it was time to go home. They went past all of the houses until they saw the boys house the boy was relieved .

The snowman waves and slowly starts to stand still and straight. Then the boy went to bed and woke up on Christmas Day. He ran down stairs and went out side but the snowman wasn’t there. All that was left was a pile of snow ,a hat and a scarf.


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