The Snowman by Callum

In the county where the hills are covered in crystal white snow,a strong blizzard kicks up, driving the animals to take shelter. The owls glided to find their food,the horses sprint to take cover and the sheep stare hopelessly into the night’s air.No houses could be found for miles,but one house sat lonely on a hill.

A young boy called James moves happily in his sleep.He dreamt peacefully,then an owl crashes into James’ window which makes a loud thud which then woke James up from his slumber.He yarns like a lion.James stares out of his window excitedly and saw a blanket of white and some parts yellow snow.

He rushed to get his toothbrush so he could then brush his teeth for two minutes which to him felt like forever.He then ran some warm water and got a sponge so he could have his wash.James ran into his room picked up a wooly jumper and a pair of trousers to were then he ran into the kitchen,but he forgot his socks,so he ran up the stairs and put on his socks then he sprinted down the stairs and rushed into the kitchen.He open the door,put on his boots and his mum put on his hat.

James ran outside into the snow.He stomp in the snow in circles and then a strait line which turned out to be a snowman.He ran over to a tree,he jumped and swung on a branch,so the snow on the branch fell on James’ head.James ran and scoped up some snow and he made it into a snowball.He through the snowball at the window and his mum told him off.

James had a brilliant idea,it was to build a big, jolly snowman.He rolled a ball of snow and placed it in the centre of the garden,then James got a shovel and put a large amount of snow on the snowball.Bigger and bigger the snowman grow until it was as tall as James.James’ mum called him in for breakfast.He ate his breakfast as fast as he could,then he ran outside with a stall,so he then rolled an other snowball and placed it on the snowman’s body.James grabed a hat,a scarf,a orange and some coal for the eyes and the buttons.James placed the hat on the it’s head,the scarf around it’s neck,the Orange on it’s nose,the coal on both sides of it’s nose and the rest of the coal in a vertical line and he made a mark for it’s mouth.

Soon it was time for James to go inside.He slowly made his way up the stairs.He stopped to take glances at the snowman after every cuple of steps.James made his way to the bathroom to clean his teeth.His mum help him to get drest.He then ran to his bedroom and did a front flip into his bed,but he landed on his neck.Thankfully his bed was soft otherwise he would of broken his neck.James tried to go to sleep,but he was to excited.He fidgeted a lot because he wanted to play with the snowman.

There was only one way how to solve that problem.So James traveled down the stairs like a ninja,but only quiter and quicker.The time was five to midnight,but James waited until it was midnight.When he was waiting he helped himself to some sweets,chocolate, a packet of crisps and som lemonade,so he ate and ate and drank and drank until midnight.

Soon enough it turned midnight and James looked out of the window.He saw the snowman glow,so James opened the door and stepped outside.The snowman turned around and did a bowl,then the snowman shoked James’ hand.James was very happy that his best friend was a big,porkyish,jolly snowman!!

James invited the snowman inside his lonely,large house.The first room they look at was the living room.They stroked the charcoal colour cat,that was sleeping near the boiling hot fire.All of a sudden the cat woke up and lashed out at the snowman,so the snowman jumped back into the Christmas tree.The Christmas tree wobbled.Thankfully the tree did’t fall over,neaver the snowman.James steeded the snowman and the tree at re same time.The snowman hit a small bell in the Christmas tree,then the and James stared in a Christmas decareation.James sat the snowman down on a chair near the fire and put on the television.The snowman started to melt,so James pulled the snowman away from the red and orange fire.

They went into the kitchen.The played with the light switch that turned on and off the lights in the cold kitchen.The snowman play with the fruit by putting the fruit on his nose.He and James went over to fridge,so that the snowman could cool down from the intense heat from the small flames of the fire.There was a cake with a snowman,a Robbin and a tree that was cover in icing sugar on it.The icing was white as snow with out yellow part on it,THANKFULLY.

Next they travel up the slitly creak stairs and into his mum’s and dad’s bedroom which was massive because his parents had an exstenshion on th house,but James begged that his bedroom could be bigger,but they just sent him to his cramped,small bedroom.James switch on a little lamp.The snowman came over to were James’ mum’s makeup is and put on.James put clothes on the snowman,but the snowman was just about to sneeze,so James undressed the snowman and pulled him out of his parents room and into the hall way.

They Went into James room and the snowman opened a box and some music came on. The snowman was shocked of what James had in his bedroom.The snowman stepped on a roller skate and started to dance with James,then the snowman saw a motor bike.


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