The Snowman by Cameron

On a cold, snowy winter night animals graze on a white,soft field with no houses that you can see, the only thing you can see is miles and miles of pure ,white field . After miles and miles of plain boring field is a small farm house sitting in the middle of nowhere.

And in that house sleeps a small, young boy called James laying in bed and dreaming about all the presents he will receive from the well known Santa Claus. When morning struck James jumped out of bed and looked outside and was relieved it had snowed. A while after gazing at the snow James got dressed and ran downstairs.

Half way down the stairs he flew into but his dad got angry “Stop running in the house ! ” but James didn’t listen to him. When he got into the kitchen his Mum put a hat on his head and put a jumper on him but the hat fell of after a second.

When he got outside he ran around on the snow and made different shape footprints like circles. Then when he got dizzy he made a perfect circle for a snowball and threw it but accidentally it hit the kitchen window and his Mum got angry “James stop throwing snowballs around! ”

After a minute of silence James got grumpy and kicked around the snow making piles of snow like fountains that have frozen but was still annoyed from when his mum told him of because he never got told of with his mum . According to his mum she says it’s normally his dad who told him of but he never believed her.

Then he got the urge to build a snowman and set of with this new version of sculpting a snowman. Minutes later he had made a big ball,he wanted to carry on but his mum told him to come inside and have some lunch. When he had finished his toast he went back outside and carried on with the best snowman he had built in his life.

Once he had finished he got some clothes they were scarves and hats in the pile of his dad’s clothes that he had brought outside for the snowman. The snowman looked great in the clothes. But it was still missing something but James did not know what it was. Finally he realised that the nose,eyes and mouth were missing so he used an orange for the nose and coal for the eyes and for some buttons .

After the finishing touches James had finished the snowman and went inside with his mum, when he got inside he sat on the sofa and stared at the snowman for a while. When he was finished staring at the snowman his dad told him to get in bed so James scurried upstairs and put on his pyjamas. Then he brushed his teeth and ran to the window and looked outside at the snowman then got in bed.

James couldn’t sleep at all he was thinking of was the snowman. After a while of looking at the ceiling James quietly creeped down the stairs and looked at the clock and it was midnight. James had never been up this late but he couldn’t wait to see the snowman any longer so he walked out of the door. James couldn’t believe his eyes the snowman turned around and was looking at him.

He was stunned. How could a snowman be alive. Gratefully James kindly let him in the house and they walked into the lounge. James told the snowman to stay away from the fire just incase he burnt. Unfortunately the cat was laying fast asleep and the snowman was confused so he poked it and the cat looked up and nearly fainted but luckily it didn’t it just ran away.

After a while of talking James wanted to let the snowman sit on a chair instead of the floor so the snowman sat on the couch and James turned on the TV. Soon enough the snowman got a bit too warm so James took him into the kitchen and the snowman took of his orange nose and put on some other fruit for his nose but then putting his first one back on and looked around.

When he had finished staring at every single thing in the room he started looking in most of the draws and coincidentally found the fridge. After playing in the kitchen they crept up stairs and went upstairs to James’s bedroom. They played with his trains, aeroplanes, cars and weirdly with his toothbrush.

Then they quietly sneaked into mum and dad’s bedroom and the snowman put on mum’s hat and put on dad’s trousers. Weirdly the snowman found mums teeth and wore them and smiled at James and them spat them out and put on some makeup but nearly sneezed so they ran into his room again. Then they ran outside and sees mysterious thing covered up so goes to explore.

Finally they got downstairs and ran outside and pulled the cover of the mysterious thing. It was a bright red motorbike with a black leather seat. Then James showed the snowman how to drive it and the snowman hopped on and circled round James. He was amazed how the snowman understood it so quickly.

James so wanted to get on because his dad didn’t let him on it because he said it was to dangerous for a kid so gratefully the snowman let him on and they zoomed away from the lonely house and into the fields. Suddenly they drove into the woods and nearly hit the trees but the snowman steers back to safety and speeds out of the woods and back to the house.

When they got back to the house James saw that the snowman looked like he was going to melt so he took the snowman to the garage and the snowman laid in a spare freezer and put some frozen peas on his head. After a while the snowman saw a picture of the Arctic and got out of the freezer and ran into the front garden. James was worried that the snowman was going to run away so he ran outside and grabbed onto the snowman.

The snowman looked round and saw that James was holding on to his hand. Weirdly the snowman started to run and pulled James with him suddenly they lifted into the sky and started to fly. James was amazed a flying snowman that can’t be real but it was. After a while they were making way over the fields and into the town. When they got in the town James could see more snowmen in people’s gardens.

Weirdly every snowman that they flew over came alive and for some reason they were starting to follow them in the air. Soon enough they had past the Muslim centre and all the churches. A couple of minutes later they were flying over the sea. James could see a massive whale swimming around.In the middle of the sea there was a cruise ship with loads of people dancing. When they past it there was a man and he nearly fainted when he saw the snowman.

Soon after the ship they saw big icebergs bobbing in the cold White Sea. After a while they came to some cold,icy mountains with a small town of people standing outside their big wooden houses. Finally they got to something that wasn’t made of snow it was an island with a wood. They flew down to the ground and walked into the wood. The wood was cold and a bit creepy.

When they got to about half way in the wood they saw the backs of loads of snowmen gathered in a straight line. Suddenly the snowman accidentally stood on a leaf and made a creek and all the snowmen turned around and smiled at James. Then the snowman took Jame’s hand and the other snowmen started to dance and some started playing some instruments like flutes and pianos.

Then James noticed someone sitting down on a chair behind the dancing snowmen. James walked over it was Santa clause. James rushed over and when Santa told him that he was one of the best behaved boys in the world James made a massive smile and went over to the snowman.

Finally the party had finished and Santa told James to come into his little hut. Inside the hut was the reindeer. After some chatting James and the snowman flew away and waved at Santa. When they flew over the sea again James was so happy to be nearly home in time before his mum and dad woke up so they didn’t get worried. Finally they got back to the house and James shook hands with the snowman and hugged him then went to bed. In the morning James runs downstairs and finds that the snowman had melted.

James felt so sad that the snowman was dead but at least he had next year to have another adventure with the snowman.


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