The Snowman by Erica

It was a snowy night in the country side and there was nothing except snow and animals.Gusts of wind filled the air,blowing at the trees and swaying them side to side. Animals scampered to shelter.A soft,silky smooth horse munched on the grass and a owl swooped down.

For miles there was nothing but a little house. There lay a small boy,Jack.He slept soundly in his small but cosy room.He dreamt about the snow and of course Christmas!!!

Jack woke up and looked out of the window.
“IT’S SNOWING!” he shouted excitedly.He yanked on his clothes and socks.On the way to the garden, he bashed into his dad.He shoved on his wellies.Jack’s mother put a soft,cashmere red hat on Jack and he ran outside to the garden.

He swung on a tree and got snow all over him.Jack jumped across the snow.He made a mistake by throwing a snowball at the window…

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” shouted his mother “Now NO more snowballs,do you understand?”
“Yes mother,”whispered Jack.

Jack was sad and upset.He walked around the garden while kicking the snow. He didn’t know what to do.

Suddenly he had an idea,he would make a snowman. The first thing he did was to make a head.He gathered some snow in his hand and started to roll it.It began to get bigger.He made a body for his new friend.Jack ran inside and got a little chair. He carefully stood on it,picked the head and placed it on the body.

He went inside to find some exseseries.Jack found a hat,scarf and a orange.He put the hat on the snowmans head. The scarf on his neck and wriggled the orange in the middle of the snowmans face as a nose.He collected some coal and put them on as eyes and some of them for buttons along his tummy.Using his finger he drew a smile.

It was getting late so Jack’s mum told him to come back home.All evening he looked outside the window.Then it was time for bed.When he was brushing his teeth he would stop looking at his snowman.Finally he went to bed.

Even when he was in bed Jack wouldn’t stop wriggling.It was nearly midnight and Jack snuck downstairs and looked outside the window. It was midnight.The clock struck 12.

Suddenly the snowman was alive…

He moved.Jack gasped.He ran outside to meet the snowman and shakes his hand.Jack invites the snowman inside.

The snowman made his way to the living room. There they saw Jack’s cat and the cat woke up.

“MEOW!” screech the cat when she saw the snowman. The poor snowman was so frightened that he fell over and bumped into the tree.Quickly Jack helped him up. The snowman look into the balbells. The reflection made him look fat.Jack did the same and they burst out laughing.
After that Jack offered a seat on a comfy new recliner.Jack turned on the TV but that had heat.
The snowman was getting uncomfortable so they decided to leave.

Next they went to the kitchen and switched on the light.Jack opened the tap to get some cold water for the snowman .Unfortuntetly it was hot and the room was filled with steam.Jack and the snowman left the tap and went to look at the Christmas cake.On the cake was a small snowman.

“Sooooooo cute!”cooed Jack.
“I agree,it is quite cute!”replied the snowman.

After that the snowman saw a bowl of fruit so tried every single one!Each time he took of his orange nose and swapped it for another fruit, Jack would laugh his head off.The snowman was nosey and started to look through the cupboards.They were bored so Jack and the snowman closed the light and left.

They crept silently into mum and dads room.The snowman found some denchers so he tried them on.Jack led the snowman to the make up area.the snowman SPAT the denchers out.He put on blush and clothes. He found some perfume and sprayed it everywhere. The snowman was going to sneeze…he held his nose frightened that he would wake up the parents.they took everything off and put everything back.

They ran out.

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