The Snowman by Jane

On a snowy,winter night noctural animals are creeping trying to look for their prey between the snow. In the distance a wise owl soars above in the snowy wind.Tree to tree it searches to seek it’s speacial tree. Faraway in the snowy, barren land sits a house it’s eglant,massive body is magnificent and lies in the peaceful countryside.

There then sleeps a boy called Robert.Robert is an 9 year old boy who has red, hair and wears blue pyjams with white stripes.He has beutiful ,blue eyes that look abousetly cute.Though you have to be careful not to be tricked by them because he can be a bit cheeky sometimes. Robert still liked teddy bears but most children his age didn’t though none of his friends knew.

Awaken by the wind,Robert sees the snow.Exited,surprised,shocked Robert was happy that it was snowing outside.Jumping out of bed,Robert puts on some new clothes and doesn’t even think about washing.Barging downstairs Robert collided with his dad.”Robert slow down”shouted dad.But Robert still didn’t listen.

At the edge of the stairs Robert jumped off and ran into the kitchen. ” Robert don’t forget your shoes ” said cauline (Robert’s mum)”oops!I almost forgotten ” said Robert.Robert got his shoes and socks though cauline knew Robert had to wear his hat so as he went outside she put his hat on his head but it fell off.

At the edge of the steps that lead to outside Robert puts his boots on.He leaps onto the thick,white snow . Reapeating the same thing on the snow Robert finds a nice thick tree and jumps on it.”Accidentely” all the snow on the tree falls on him.Robert gets a nice snow ball and it crashes into the kitchen window.” Bang” went the window.”oops” said Robert.”Robert Henderson what were you better be careful or your going to your room!” Yelled cauline and shut the window.”what am I going to do if I can’t throw snowballs ?I know I can build a snowman”.

Slowly,Robert built his snowman and gradually it got bigger and bigger.One after another Robert added a tiny bit of snow each time he patted a different piece.By now It was afternoon and Robert to come in for tea which he thought was so lush.Though Robert had something more important in his mind.He knew his snowman needed a eyes,nose and buttons so he was thinking if he can use coals for eyes and buttons and a orange for a nose .yeah Robert thought in his head.Robert finished tea and took coals from the fire place and a orange from the fruit bowl.Robert put on all the things he got and then put a smile on the snowman.He looks at his snowman proud of what he did.but remembered he needed a hat and scarf so he ran inside and got that to.

“Robert it’s nightime”said mum “ok I’m coming in” said Robert “bye snowman.Robert hugged the snowman and named him Fred.Robert came inside and jumped onto the sofa.”ahhh what a day “said his dad luckily we got a fire on this cold snowy day. “Yeah.” said Robert and Cauline in unison.Robert looked at his snowman and Cauline watched him knowing he was pleased of his work. ” ding dong “went the clock “It’s bedtime said dad” aww” said Robert its not even bedtime yet said Robert “you know you have to brush your teeth ” said dad.and then Robert went upstairs to brush his teeth. Though he still looked out of the window at his snowman Fred.Cau –
Line came and peaked through the bathroom laughing in a good way .Robert saw her and smiled sheepishly.cauline told Robert to go to bed and he did though he couldn’t.

Again Robert looked out the window though it was chilly and went back to bed though he was determined to go and check Fred in person. He got his gown and fled downstairs he looked at the clock a knew it was only a few minutes to midnight.The clock chimmmed.It was midnight.suddenly, Fred turned alive.Robert froze for a moment .He was shocked.Robert came back from his coma.Fred muttered that he had been a statue for a while and he was happy to be alive again.Not knowing that Robert was eavesdropping.But when Robert came it put a smile on his face.” Hi Fred”!said Robert exitedly.” Why that’s a nice name,Fred I think that suits me” said Fred proudly. You talk funny.said Robert laughing nearly in tears Fred looked around and spotted Robert’s house. You can’t stand in the cold forever, I should go”.Said the Fred “No come in.

First Robert brought him into the living room. In the corner of Fred’s eye he saw a cat. ” the adorable little thing.” Said Fred.Then strocked the cat.Suprisingly,the cat leaped up and screamed at Fred then moved to a diferent space.Robert put on the tv whiles Fred looked at himself In a bauble and put on a depressing face and sulked. Robert sat him down and put the tv on though Fred was melting!!!! Robert got up and rushes over to Fred to another room.Fred,looked around and wher he was and were was Robert.he flikerd the lights a few times until Robert stopped him .He brought him to the freezer and opened it.Fred said ahhh this is nice and spread his arms wide . Robert said come here and showed him to the fruit ball.Fred had a idea .He picked a fruit the fruit ball and changed his nose.laughing Robert followed.

Next they went into His parents room and Fred played with Roberts parents though luckily Robert made them both duck .unluckily,Fred got stuck between teeth and looked at it in disgust. Though he put it on and Robert laughed.Then Robert brought him in the dressing room and when Fred saw himself he screamed and the teeth fell out.Fred saw caulines make up and put some blusher on and then Robert gave him his dad’s braces and his mums hat and soon as they both saw it they laughed so much.But then Fred needed to sneeze and knew they had to go or something might happen and Robert cleared up and dragged the snowman out of the parents room and into his room.

Robert put his light on and some music.the snowman started dancing .Robert watch him with great intrest.As graceful as a butterfly he was dancing then tripped up .But gained his balance and then Robert joined him.They did it till they couldn’t do any more.Fred spotted something and wanted to go and investigate.


2 thoughts on “The Snowman by Jane

  1. Well done Jane!I noticed you have worked extremely hard at your writing.The best thing about your writing is that you used good vocabulary,your writing made sense and that your story is broken into paragraphs.In addition, your paragraphs were well structured.

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