The Snowman by Jay

In a peaceful place the snow flacks floated down around a hors. The snow glowed beautifully,bright around the hills and trees.

A boy whack up and went down the steps. He got chained into some Chrisms close . Next went to play in the snow. He through a snow ball at the window and got tolled off. Then the boy made a snow man and got a hat,scarf,stones and a apple on him. Plus he was proud of him self.

He went into the house and got ready for bed time then jumped into bed.Yet he still got out of the bed and looked out of the window. Then he went down the steps and saw the snow man glow at 12:00oc ‘ klock . He wondered what was going on? The snow man turned around and bowd down. James in fighted him in.

A cat saw the snow man and was scared of him so it ran for it! He fell over no the Christmas tree. The boy turned on the lights on the Christmas tree the snow man was excited. Wen the boy tuned on the TV the snow man eyes went funny,weeud and freecy. The snow man was a bit sad wen the boy did not know that the snow men can melt. But the boy did see the snow man melt so he turned off the TV and got the snow man out of the rither room.

(Next they went into the cichin.) The boy turned on the light then he turn on the tap. Steem came out of the tapes so the boy turned off the tap. Wen the snow man saw him selth on the cake he was shocked that he was on a cake. (they left the cichin went into mum and dad room!)

The snow man touched the dad the boy paled the snow man. The snow man played dress up the snow man went in the Hallway and sneezed. (Then they went into the boys bedroom.)

The snow man made a big mes in the boys bedroom then the snow man tos bord so he looked froow the window an saw some thing and went down the stairs.

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