The Snowman by Jorgia-Lilly

On a cold , chilly , snowy winter night in the lonely countryside ,there were many animals wondering about.There were horses and ponies galloping around and owls swooping gracefully between the trees and over the fields. The trees stood bare,with the branches catching the snow as it fell. Amongst the trees, a large old brick house was nestled quietly .

It was the morning and the little boy woke up very excited because it was snowing and nearly Christmas . He quickly got dressed and ran down stairs. He stumbled over his dad .” Slow down and don’t run “says dad ! “Sorry “says James .”Morning mum” said James hurriedly as he rushed into the kitchen .His mum grinned and then pointed to his socks hanging on the dryer.He grabbed his socks off the dryer quickly.Then he rushed out off the kitchen and back down the hall and tripped over dad again and shouted “sorry” again.He flung the door open and then he sat on the front of the door step and put his wellies on.

He ran outside and said” yes it’s snowing I can’t wait until Christmas!”
Suddenly James stopped and looked around ,he wasn’t sure what to do.Whille he decided what to do he walked around in circles leaving his footprints behind him.Then he picked up some snow and threw it,but accidently it splated against the window .” No more throwing snowballs” mum shouted! James was upset.Then James jumped at a tree and grabbed the branch with one hand and hung there moodely. “I wish I could play with snowballs” grumbled James .Then he jumped off and some snow landed on him. James jumped up and down trying to get the snow off then gradually it fell off! Then after a minute of silence James was still annoyed with his mum because she told him off. He was really sad because he’s never really got told of by his mum it was normally his dad for running in the house or rushing or stuff like that.

Then James digs up some snow and made a snowman. He got the head.Then ran inside and went through the fruit box and got a carrot. James runs back outside in the garden and puts the carrot on and then he puts the green hat on the top of his head.James then put the green,cosy scarf on his neck.Mum comes outside and said nicely “that’s a lovely snowman”. “Thanks mum” said James happily.

Then James goes back inside and shuts the door carefully.James ate his dinner.Then dad points at his watch and say” it’s bed time” .Then he brushes his teeth and he looks out the window to check the snowman .Then James puts his pyjamas on and looks out the window to check the snowman again. All that was on his mind was the snowman.

Finally the clock struck to tell him that it’s midnight and James knew his mum and dad was asleep so he creeped downstairs and looks out the window door . James was speechless the snowman was alive James was so happy he invited him in the house. James and the snowman went into the living room and the cat was in theirfast asleep until the snowman stroked it.”come on let’s go in the kitchen” said James .

They got into the kitchen and the snowman got a pair from the fruit bowl .he stuck it on his nose and both off them were laughing.then they both go upstairs into their parents room “shh you have to be quiet they are asleep” said James quietly.Then the snowman went into mums draw and found some make up he put some pink blusher on his cheeks and then he gets dad clothes on ,but then James said “take the clothes off now ” ,trying not to laugh so the snowman did. They left there mums ans dads room silently .

Then they both went into James room and plays with some toys and then the snowman was playing with James brown,fluffy teddy and a toy train track.then they left the room and turned the light off .they run downstairs and out into the garden and saw a motorbike ,so the snowman sat on the bike and put the helmet on.

The motorbike turned on and the snowman rides round everywhere,so James chased the snowman . Then James catches up with then and jumped on the back. The motorbike was really fast !finally they got back home. Then the snowman got really hot after all that riding around so James had an idea .they went in the house James opened the freezer door and the snowman jumped in there.

Then the snowman jumps back out and then pulls James along and said “come on James” then they both jumped and they flew past all the trees and the lovely buildings then they went past the sea and there was a whale splashing in the water.Then they see the penguins walking on the hard ,frozen ice and then they flew past the lovely bright northern lights.

Finally they were there .there were lots of snowmans and they all moved out the way to let James and the snowman come through .there were lots of party food and dancing going on and also some of the snowmans played the music and they dressed up in different clothes .
James got some food and then danced. James couldn’t believe his eyes there was loads off snowmans.James was having a great time.

Then Santa came and said “come with me I’ve got something to show you James ” ,so James says “ok” and the snowman and James both went together to see.Then Santa opens the door and said “come in ” ,so they went in and they saw two raindeers James couldn’t believe it . It was actually real reindeersand Santa gave James a presents.then they go home and said bye to Santa and all the other snowmans.

Then James and the snowman flew back home. Then they got home and the snowman and James said bye to each other because James needs to go to bed ,so James ran upstairs and went to bed . Finally it was the morning and James ran downstairs past mum and dad and opens the door he closes his eyes then he opens them and the snowman wasn’t there anymore “he’s melted” said James to himself . James was really sad because he loved the snowman ,but James couldn’t wait until next year to build another snowman,but then he thinks it wouldn’t be the same as the one I used to have.


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