The Snowman by Junior

Down in the snowy,winter hills there were nocturnal animals chasing for cover.It was a full moon in the countryside with shivering people in the warm,plump blankets.There were sounds of the animals howling and taping on the smooth,building up snow.In the distance, there were leaf less,white trees with rotted,thin stalks that was getting weaker and weaker every second.In the sky there were no shining stars,but a big blob of which some people think is cheese.

Behind some hills there was a small cottage covered in a layer of snow.Inside the mysterious cottage was a little boy with ginger hair and rosy red cheeks.This boy was fast asleep, but he was fidgeting all night ,like trying to keep someone still for a dentist check.The boy was called James.James was dreaming of his Christmas present from Santa, but he knew that he wasn’t real.

The next morning James woke up with his mouth open wide,but when he saw the the crystal white snow outside his jaw dropped to the ground with joy and amazement. He launched out of bed and zoomed into his sweater and jeans.Like a cheater,he troded downstairs dodging his dad who was wearing his furry,huge robe and holding a steaming hot cup of coffee.Luckily, nothing happened to the dad,but a big,hot stain on his robe.Unfortunately,James was stopped by the guard who was against him from being in the snow.His mother.Without a doubt ,James relized that he wasn’t wearing socks and that’s why his mum didn’t let him go outside.After doing that,he ran outside in excitement.

James was a quiet,inside type of person,but when it comes to snow he is like a wolf destined to eat something delicious.James stomped in the deep,white snow leaving small,baby footsteps.He smiled and laughed while shaking snow of trees,also made awesome snowballs,but that didn’t go good because he the window and out came a angry guard.With sorrow and sadness,he shuffled away putting his hands in his tiny,blue pockets.Then he thought of the best idea in the world.Building a snowman.

First, James started rolling boulders of the finest snow he could see.Smashing and moving,he kept on trying to make just the right shape for the body.By this time James was tired and hungry,but he was still working repeatedly.Next,James shaped a median size ball which perfectly fited on the body.Then James just used a second to admire what he moulded from snow.
“Wow!” He explained with his eyes big and bold,but he wasn’t done yet he had to carve the features and put the accessories on.As fast as he could, he scattered into the kitchen and begged mum for some fine accessories of dads.With a puff, he added the final touches to the snowman.Unfortunately,it was near to James curfew and he was forced to get ready for bed.

The snowman had a bright,yellow and red scarf that wiggled in the air.Plus, he had beady,dusty eyes and a rough,oval nose.Like a nutcracker,he stood still on the clear,flat surface.He had five shiny,black buttons that were pushed deeply into the snowmans body.

Moaning quietly,James swayed into the house with his head facing down.Then he went to get ready for bed.First,he plunged his toothbrush into his mouth while moving it to side to side.Next,he jumped into his pijamas and rolled into bed.With care, he kept looking out his out his window to see if his snowman was still alive.Normally,James was a sleepy sloth ,but this particular night he couldn’t even close his eyes for a 2 seconds!
“I can’t take it!” He screamed “I need to check on my snowman,” James demanded.
Later,James tumbled downstairs trying to get his robe on.He stood up seeing that there was a tiny sparkle out the window.James rushed outside:with his hands in his pockets. Then he saw a thing that he thought never existed.A snowman!
“Greetings young fellow,”said the snowman happily.
“Um hi,”replied James.Both the snowman and James went inside to the warm,bright fireplace.

The fireplace was steaming hot with mini Christmas decorations hanged up on the walls.Leading snow into the house,the snowman casually walked into the fireplace having little drips of water coming from him.Inside,there was a black,furry cat snuggled up near the fire.The snowman was a bit curios about this thing on the floor,so he went to it with his big,orange nose right up to the cat face.
“Ahhh!” bellowed the cat with his fur straight and stiff.The snowman was a little bit shocked of the cat too,but he didn’t mind and carried on exploring James house. Near to the corner of the of the room there was well decorated Christmas tree.The tree has multiple coloured balls that hanged in the breezing air like birds.Wraped around the leaves,there were tiny flashing lights that never run out and last but not least there was a bold,golden star that slowly sparkled through the night.The snowman eyed the balls and saw a reflection of him that he thought looked inparticular and ugly.Then the snowman started feeling uncomfortable and sat down near the fire,but that made it worst.James was wanted to show the snowman the kitchen and dragged him slowly so that he wouldn’t brake.

In the kitchen there were juicy fruits and delicious meats.Near the side of the kitchen was a old,rusty tap.The snowman didn’t know about this thing called a tap and decided to investigate with James.First,they rapidly turned the knob and out came a flood of lava hot water that made James jump literally!Giggling, they went to the cupboards,but something caught the snowman eye,something that made him jollier.It was a Christmas cake on the table that James mum made yesterday because it had a mini figure of him that just looked exactly like him.In the cupboards was nothing much,but a few ingredients for cooking and a awesome cupcake that James cheekliy nibbled on. The next stop in the tour around James house was upstairs in James Mum and dads room.

Behind the door of the mum and dads room was two people sleeping,a cupboard and of course a makeup area.James and the snowman sneaked in and started to play.First,the snowman started putting makeup on for some reason and he shuved James mum teeth in his mouth that James thought was really funny,but didn’t laugh or he’ll need to pay the price to his parents.Next,they went to dads suits and wiggled into them like worms.Unfortunatly, the snowman was about to sneeze and you don’t want that to happen,so James quikly put everything back wear it originally was and wiped all the makeup of the snowman face.Later he pulled the snowman outside to sneeze.
“Ouchu!”sniffed the Snowman wiping the snot of his face.As a finally James took him to his room,the best one of all.

This room was funky with balloons everywhere and toys lying here and there.The snowman saw this contraption that poped up with a ballerina and some smoothing music.Laughing,James watched as the snow man started dancing along to the music then slipping on a roller skate.Surpisingly, the snowman was still dancing and asked James to dance with him.They both danced like real ballerinas,but then they both sloped and fell to the ground with balloons all around them.


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