The Snowman by Ria

Wildly,the crystal,white ,squishy snow scattered it self among the the frosty winter trees.Peacefully the diamond like snowflakes swayed side to side until it reached the frozen,sparkly ground.

In the frozen,unseeable blizzard, the strong wind blew as powerful as it could, it came to the point you couldn’t even open your eyes.The frosty fields were scattered with freezing snow.

Through the stormy,white blizzard a warm,cosy house appeared.A boy was lying in his layered duvet and sheets he was called James.He was in his house thinking about the best time of the year,Christmas!

The morning arrived and curious James woke up.He got a massive shock…it snowed!James stomped over his bed with excitement.Happily James rushed down stairs to munch up his breakfast so he can play in the fun snow.Boisterously James quickly changed into his snug winter,outdoor clothes.

James felt so excited to caper about in the snowy,crystal fields.He made footprints and all different types of patterns.Sneakily the boy threw a solid,white snowball against the steamy house window.Unfortunately cheeky James got in trouble by his mum.Lonely James wondered of finding something to do ,but then something remarkable came to his mind…a snowman!He got to work right away on his dream,friend snowman!He never gave up,he kept on rolling and rolling to get his dream snowman body.James mum called him in to eat his tea,soup with bread.Guess what happened next…he went to finish his dream snowman!He rolled a little faster because it was getting close to his slumber.Finally,he created his snowman solid head.He kindly asked his mum that if he can borrow some fruit and cole for his snowman decorations.After a few minutes later…the snowman
was accomplished,James was so happy. James mum called him in for some happy social time,he was so excited to play with snowman again.

James mum changed his clothes into his stripy,comfy blue pyjamas.The James got nicely tucked into his cosy bed,but he couldn’t sleep.Every five minutes he got up to check on his snowman,he was so eager to play with his dream snowman.Every time he looked at the snowman he shivered with coldness.

James rushed downstairs and grabbed his red,frosty jacket and stared at the snowman in the living room window.The clock strikes twelve and the snowman glowed and flashed.James was curious,he didn’t know what was going on.After a few seconds the snowman came to life,he moved,he walked he could do everything!

James invited the jolly snowman inside the cosy,warm,toasty house.James showed frosty,cold snowman his Christmas tree,the radiant snowman loved it! The jolly snowman played around with the ball balls and reflected the light on it,he found it so fun because he had never done any of this stuff ever!

James told the snowman to sit down on the comfy,green,sofa.The snowman felt stimulated and curious.James turned on the television ,but all of a sudden the snowman felt dizzy,sick and most of all hot!James didn’t know to do,he quickly turned of the television as fast as he could and tried to help the snowman get up.James realised that the snowman might of melted because he was ear the fire place.Quickly James walked with him into a different room.

They went into the kitchen.The snowman entertained James by playing with so many different shaped fruit.The snowman used a butternut squash,banana,cherry and the funniest was a pineapple.


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