The Snowman by Rithanya

It was a snowy winter night at the country side.About 5 foot snow. Horses gather together to keep their family warm. Frozen ,naked trees stand strong as the fierce wind blow their delicate branches. Nocturnal animals come out at last to see winter ever so cold .

As the wind keeps blowing there stands a house bravely with stained glass windows. A boy is behind the windows sleeping peacefully. At last he wakes up from his deep slumber,staring out of the window James the boy ,felt elated.

Quickly ,getting changed and also accidentally showing his bum out of the window ,James raced down the stairs bumping into Dad. By this time dad got so angry he shouted saying this”hey , right you stop running or your going to mental hospital James and Santa clause ain’t gonna give ya presents is he James .””sorry dad “said James. After saying about a million sorry’s dad finally said he will allow James to play on the fresh patch of snow.

So James quickly ran to the kitchen and said”hi mum I’m just going to get some fresh air …..or am I ?”. “Oh your just like your father except he does not lie about having fresh air”. James just ignored what his mother said ,and opened the back door . Charging for freedom ,James threw a snowball at the kitchen window. After a few seconds his mum opened the snowy window angrily. “.Watch out James dear,now because of you I have to clean the window and also I personally do not want loose this years , have you got the most pristine house?contest and your grounded”.

Sadly getting told of James walked away . His footprints were slowly made as he sulks away.

Suddenly he got the most beautiful idea ever! James finally thought of something amazing, it was a snowman! James completely forgot about what his mother said and started making a snowball ,but this time he he did not throw the snowball ,and instead he rolled the snowball on the snow, making the small snow ball into a huge , massive ,bolder!

Now James got really tired of rolling the now known bolder, so instead he got a spade and started collecting snow and shoving it on the bolder. About after 19 minutes ,James started shaping up the big plop of snow into a human body.

Next his mum called him to have supper. So came in and ate his supper still staring out of the window. When he finished his toast he went back outside and carried on with the best snowman he had built in hi life!

Once he had finished he asked his mum to get a scarf and a hat . The snowman looked great with clothes but still James knew something was missing . Finally James knew what it was… It was a nose ,a mouth and some buttons. So James found some coal for the snowman’s eyes and button.

Next his mum called him for bedtime. So James went inside and went to bed. After about an hour James could not sleep , so he looked out of the window . Their it was ,a beautiful snowman standing on the cold winters snow.

James felt cold ,so he put a jumper and raced to see his snowman . It was now12:00 so James opened the door . All of a sudden the snowman came to life .yes,yes,yes it came to life. Gratefully, James kindly let him in the house and they walked into the lounge . James told the snow man to stay away from the fire just I case he burnt . Unfortunately, the cat was laying fast asleep and the snowman was confused so he poked it and the cat looked up and nearly fainted but luckily it did not it just ran away.

After while of laughing , James wanted to lead the snowman to sit on a chair instead of the floor , the snowman sat on the couch and James turned the TV on . Soon enough the snowman got extremely hot so James the tv of .James took him to the kitchen next and the snowman took of his orange nose and put on some fruits and then put his normal nose on and looked around.

After looking in every room he went to mum and dads room. The snowman put blushes on a tie and some pants , the snowman also found some perfume. He sprayed a bit to much and was about to sneeze.

They quickly ran to James’s room .


One thought on “The Snowman by Rithanya

  1. Good work!I really liked the detail and I can tell the effort that you put into writing this piece of work because of your good sentence openers and your sentence types.

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