The Snowman by Saffy

One winter night,it was snowing thick frosty snow.There was nocturnal animals and a stunning horse.In the night of the countryside there was only one house covered completely with pure white snow.

In the morning of Christmas Eve, there was a boy called Damien who was fast asleep dreaming about what presents he might get tomorrow.Damien shot up from his spectacular slumber and dashed to the window to find that outside that it was snowing extremely heavily.He was wondering if the ground was completely covered with snow?IT WAS!

Damien dashed to his wardrobe to find something comfortable.He pulled his trousers on and he didn’t even wait to put his ti-shirtl on in his room.”calm down son!”cried his dad.”SORRY DADDY!”yelled Damien.

Damien stomped around miserably.He thought to himself only if I didn’t throw that stupid snowball I got told off now.Then he had a mind blowing idea.”I CAN BUILD A SNOWMAN!”he shouted out loud.

He started to roll a small pile of snow and it got bigger and bigger by the second.Soon after he had built an astonishing snowman.When he went to do the head he got called in.When he came back out Damien started to roll another ball.he plopped the head on and thought that some thing was wrong.”I know what I can do to make my snowman look even better!”Damien told himself.Then he went to the kitchen were mum was and he asked he “can I please borrow a scarf and a hat please mum?”bragged Damien. “Ok what colour would you prefer darling?”asked mum.”green please!”Damien told mum.”Here you go.”while mum was giving him the hat and scarf.He went out side to put his green hat on then the scarf.Finally to complete his snowman he went to find some coal for his buttons and eyes,a satsuma for the nose and for the mouth he just did a smile with his finger.

After he made his snowman he got called in for bed. Damien went up stairs to brush his teeth so they went all squeaky and crystal white.When he finished brushing his teeth he went to his bedroom to get in his pyjamas on then he took one more look out the window to see if his snowman was still there.Damien jumped in bed but,he couldn’t get to sleep.

When the clock struck midnight he crept down the stairs with absolute silence .He looked through the window and something magical happened.In the blink of an eye,Damien’s snowman was surrounded by colourful,beautiful sparks of stars.Damien wasn’t shore what was happening.he started to think if his snowman would be ok he didn’t want it to be ruined after all that hard work.

Suddenly the snowman turned around and bowed like prince William and princess Kate would when they go to see the Queen.The snowman went to introduce himself to Damien.”Hi how are you and what is your name my name is Frosty?”mentioned Frosty.”
Hi Frosty I am a little creeped out though my name is Damien nice to meet you!” replied Damien
“please may I come in I would like to get to know you a bit more you seem like a nice fella?”suggested Frosty
“Ok be quit though my mum and dad are fast asleep!”Damien told Frosty.

Frosty and Damien headed into the living room.Frosty went to stroke the cat.The cat did not like the look of Frosty she growled the cat even tried to scratch him it was not pretty at all.Damien took Frosty to the chair and sat him in it he put the telly on.Frosty’s eyes started to go swirly like some one was hypnertising him.suddenly he started to get uncomfortable and all achey then Damien had realised they he had put Frosty right next to the fire place if he left him there to long he will melt.He got Frosty out off the chair and turned the light out and went into the kitchen

Frosty went to the washing up liquid and had a good smell HE LOVED IT!!He started to have a good nose around the kitchen and came around to the fridge and it cooled him right down.He found a massive bowl of fruit.He took his nose out and started to play around with the different fruits as his nose.He used pineapples,berries,mangoes they had great fun in the kitchen.Then they thought they had enough in the kitchen and wanted to go into a different room and it was the parents

They had to silent no talking at all.They walked passed them and to the bed side table with mums fake teeth on it.Frosty had no clue what they were so he put them in his mouth he went to the dressing table and smiled Frosty got scared so he took them out.He found a pot full of face cream for anti paw realise and stuck his nose in it.They went through the draws and found blusher and of course he had to put some on.Damien and Frosty went to the wardrobe to find some fancy cloths.Frosty wore some trousers with braces and some accessories he looked very fancy indeed.Then Frosty needed to sneeze they took all the cloths off and hung them back up wiped of the make up and shot out the room before it was too late in the middle of the half way through the landing he stopped and threw a humongous sneeze luckily it didn’t wake up the parents.

For a while they played with the jack in a box.He tripped over and got his foot stuck in one of Damien’s roller skates and started skating around the toy train and accidentally pushed the button that turns on the train.


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