The Snowman by Tom

Once in a white,snowy town there were lots of animals. There was a horse running very fast.There was one house in the distance.In the house, there was a boy sleeping in his soft,cosy bed.Also his name was Jake.

When he woke up,he jumped out of bed like someone on a jetpack.He couldn’t
wait a second until Christmas.He loved Santa the most.Then he got changed like an
animal.Jake was the happiest boy in the universe.

Jake sprinted down his stairs like Usain Bolt.He ran into his dad.His dad said “slow down ”
Jake still ran.Then, all he was saying was”snowman!”

He dived into the snow.The boy scooped up a snow ball and threw it at
the window of his house.His mum said in anger “no more snowballs ”
He sulked like a dog and walked off.He was fed up!He kicked the snow in frustration..

So to cheere him up he built a handsome snowman.He was so jolly he put a hat and scarf on his head.It took hours and hours.

Then,the jolly boy got called inside his house.All he done was staired out of the window.Then, the boy had to go to sleep.

He quickly brushed his teeth and hoped into his comfortable,huge bed.He coulden’t
go to sleep.While the boy when’t to sleep, he was dreaming of a snowman.But… He
Woke up at mid night!

Jake when’t down his stairs on his tip toes.Then jake saw with his right eye,his snowman. It was real!!He introduced himself to the snowman. The boy took the snowman into the house.

First, the boy strolled into the living room with the snowman and turned the chair said
“Sit down snowman”
The snowman felt incredibly hot.He was going to melt!
Gwickly he turned the telly off.

They strolled into the kitchen and turned the tap on.He turned the boiling,hot water on
And smoke and came out.He disided to take his nose off and put a pineapple as his
nose.It was so funny for the boy.

They both when’t up stairs to his parents bedroom.The funny,white snowman put
Fake teeth in his mouth and smiled at the the jake.Then, the snowman put some clothes on.OH NO he was going to coth.They rushed out of their bedroom like
Monkeys looking for bananas.jake ran into his room and the snowman opened a box
and music played.He Danced in roller skates like a pro.And then he smashed into a wall.(His parents must be heavy sleepers).

They when’t into there creepy garage.Also, thier garage had a huge cold freezer.
The snowman divided Ito the freezer and found a precious little map! THEN the snowman ran with boy and flew like a jet.

They flew round humongous whales and beautiful tempalls.Also Montins as long as a
race track.The boy got to a spooky, dark island.Snowman walked thought a bunch of trees when…. There was SANTA and other SNOWMAN!The boy ran for his life to Santa.This was a dream for him!Santa showed Jake his fluffy raindeers. The main
one of the bunch was Rudolf.They did a snowman party.

But it was time to go back.On the way back Jake new it was the end of snowman.
When then they got back to the house and the boy hugged the snowman.He woke up and ran outside in exitmant and the snowman melted….


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