The Snowman by Tisha

It was a beautiful snowing day with snow and cold frost everywhere. Animals were hibernating or playing in the morning snow. Then we saw a boy sleeping in his warm, comfy bed. Suddenly, he woke up looked outside to see a cold, wintery weather. He gets surprised and wants to go outside.

He yanks himself out of bed and gets his clothes on. Then he rushes downstairs and meets his mum and dad. In a flash, he gets his clothes and rushes outside to play and see the cold freezing snow.

Then he stomped around the whole garden making footprints. He decided to be a little cheeky. He then threw a snowball at the kitchen window. His mum got cross then . James roamed around the whole place doing nothing but being bored and unhappy. Then he thought of making a snowman.

It did take him ages but finally he made the best could ever make. It was really fabulous. His mum told him to come back in and go straight to bed. He kept on fidgeting so he peered out of the window and saw the snowman. He was alive.

He ran downstairs and saw the snowman. The snowman greeted him and went inside the house. He found the boy’s house really unique!

Then just to be a little funny, they disturbed the cat. After that, they started to play with the lights and bells on the Christmas tree. Then the snowman sat down for a rest and to watch a bit of TV but, the snowman started to get really hot so they went into the kitchen.

James kept on playing with the snowman. He saw the tap so he accidentally turned on the water and steam from the water blew up on their faces. Next the snowman kept on changing his nose.

After all that fuss, they went to James’ parents room. James kept on reminding the snowman not to wake his parents up so, the snowman decided to play with their make-up. The snowman tried some of mums pink powder and applied is on his cheeks.
Next he tried dad’s false teeth and clothes. When he tried the perfume he was about to sneeze so he took the snowman to his room.

Meanwhile, they decided to play with the toys in the boy’s room and it did end up getting all messy. Then as a flash they peered out of the window and saw something weird and unusual. So he went downstairs and saw… A SNOWMAN !!!

It was unusual because snowman’s aren’t really alive. James’ heart missed a beat. He saw a real life snowman.the snowman greeted the boy. James thought of being kind and generous and inviting the snowman to his house.

First, they went into the living room and for a reason they disturbed the cat and found it extremely funny. Next, they walked to the Christmas tree and started to play with the bells on the Christmas tree. They found it quite funny.

After that, they went to the kitchen and started to play with the light switches which was a little funny. Then James accidentally turned the hot water on and…. POOSH! Flames of steam came flowing up onto their faces.

They went upstairs to his mum and dads bedroom. They saw false teeth make-up powder which the snowman applied to both of his cheeks. He was about to sneeze so the boy had to take the snowman into his room.

They both played a lot until they saw a motor bike outside of their window. They rushed downstairs and sat on the motorbike and rode of to the forest. It was quite quick though.

The snowman sat down in the cold, cool freezer for 2 minutes until he realised that he was sitting on a pack of frozen fish.

The snowman rushed outside and James was about to stop him but then when held his hand he blew up. They where flying in thin-air.

Then they were nearly reaching North Pole. It was going to be amazing! The snowman landed elegantly. It was amazing and cool. It was even more amazing because they saw… SANTA CLAUS!!

Everyone was playing and jumping around and finally the party was done. Santa had a closet full of presents. He gave his special present to James. They went flying through the air and reached back home.

The snowman was still in his position in the morning but the only thing James was sad about when he came outside was that the snowman……… MELTED!!

James was really shocked and felt sorry for the snowman so, to heal his shock he got out his best scarf and gently placed on the snowman and bows his head.

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