Titanic – Crew Survivor by Louis

Louis 5MH l.o. to use our targets.

Tuesday 4th May 2016

I was a chef.I cooked dinners and on 14 APRIL 1912 I coked for Charles Lightoller he realiased something was different . He said “It is getting very cold in here!” He went to the boiller and it popped !

He went to the deck and heard a bump so he looked forward and saw we just crashed on a Iceberg.

I saw people shoving and nugging to survive!

I dived on a lifeboat then they all got realeased ! It was mental can’t blame them we all probley had this sick feeling saying i could die! but people should say i’ll survive !

We waited for two hours until the Capathia arrived. People were scared hungry some people just stayed in the water for the whole time! When The Capathia arrived.

Louis – 5MH


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